Thursday, July 9, 2009

♥ Polish Companies ♥

The primary & Neon Color line up...... read more HERE


So I did get in touch with the people form Williams Direct Marketing about an awesome product that they distribute, the brand 'Billie', especially the Nail Polish, and they gave me one of the companies they distribute to in Canada, He also mentioned that they distribute this product to Pennsylvania & Ohio in the U.S. I know that I have 1 blogger on my reading list list from Pennsylvania & 2 from Ohio.

{ I wrote them on Sunday Night, and they got back to me Monday 9:00 a.m. .....}
{ sorry it took forever to post this, I need an assistant!!!!!!! }


I have written several letters to companies and organization (some nail companies) and like, no one writes me back, So i was surprised to hear from this company.. It was very nice. Anyhoo.....


In Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta this product line can be found at this store....
Dollar Giant 

Check out their site and possibly find a store that may be near far as the U.S. stores..... I am sure someone will see my post
and possibly fill me in.... Because I will be on the road this
summer and want more.... And if possible I would looooove to see
 pictures of polishs I dont have yet.


Delainie said...

Of course the Saskatchewan vendors have to be in Moose Jaw and Regina - I was actually really wanting to try out these polishes because I saw you use the one full collection!

Dee said...

I live in Pennsylvania and I have never seen these anywhere.

sweet_little_angel said...

Ooo, Thanks for the info! I live in Toronto, and the stores are a bit far but I'm definitely going to check it out when I get a chance. =)

sweet_little_angel said...

OH! I just looked up one of the addresses nearby and noticed one of them is pretty close to where I live and accessible to the public buses! I'm excited to check it out! Hopefully they have them *Crosses fingers*. Last time i checked I didn't see them (but i wasn't looking for them lol). Thanks again! =D

The Asian Girl said...

On my blog, the pictures are huge because my pictures are already high-resolution (2368x1764). Most people usually shrink the resolution; I'm just lazy. Hope that helps :)

Lucy said...

I'm in New Jersey why can't they ship here? Boo hoo!

april44 said...

any idea where i can find billie besides dollar tree in windsor ontario? i picked up 7 there today but they didnt have near the selection as those other stores.....there was maybe 4 i didnt get but think i have too now :)