Sunday, July 12, 2009

♥ Induge - 'Coppery-Brown Flecks' ♥

Dang- I had set this up to auto post for last week sometime, and I made it the wrong month.( don't ask) So I tried to redo it and Blogger was not co-operating...... so here it is. Indulge in beauty 'Brown/Copper Flakies', 2 coats of Sally Hansen - 'Dark Chocolate' and 2 coats (pretty thick coats) of Indulge - 'Brown/Copper Flakies' from the Fudge Brownie Trio, form Walmart Canada. My RING finger just has 2 thicker coats of the Indulge 'Brown/Copper Flakies'.


I took these photos on an extremely windy and overcast day. While hanging out and waiting for my nails to dry, my crossword-puzzle book actually got air, and i grabbed it and fudged my nails up.... (Of course) I had planned on sitting almost absolutely still, so that this could dry properly! Ha!

Also, it is very evident in these photos that my nails are fake, I totally wanted to hate the new nails I bought but that actually lasted a long long time! ( I wrote about them a few posts back.)

Oh well, onto the photos!

~ Shade ~

~ Shade ~

~ Shade ~



Mary said...

I love that look! Beautiful, the way the shimmer looks against that tone of polish.

Anonymous said...

very nice :) xx

Kae said...

Very pretty! Those bottles are so cute.

Lucy said...

That is such a pretty color. I love the shimmer in these colors. Your nails look so lovey. I also love the shade on your ring finger. The Indulge polishes are really gorgeous. I've never heard of the brand other than here.

clockwork said...

These Indulge polishes are super super pretty.

Faye Lewis said...

Hey, no this is not the same dress that was on the dress form. I gave the one with the braided tie to my Mother. This is the second one from the same pattern and different fabric. Thanks for looking in.

chocaddict said...

Those are really nice colors, although they are (sadly) from a brand I'll never be able to get my hands on ^_^ I love your blog, I usually check it out daily to drool at your pictures so thanks for your work :o)

Stephanie said...

wow, these colors are really pretty! I really like the Indulge polishes!

beauty cosmetics said...

Lovely shades. I liked each.