Thursday, July 2, 2009

♥ T.O.T.M-W. ♥

~ China Glaze 'For Audrey' 3 Coats - No Top Coat ~

This really is a beautiful color - it looks beautiful in the bottle and on my nails/toes. I had a polish similar to this a few years ago and wore it on my toes all the time. Hunting for a picture of that specific polish is how I came upon nail blogs, I never even thought that there were other people out there who loved to paint their nails and take photos, too! Even though I have literally looked at thousands of pictures and peoples collections I still have not found that beautiful Sally Hansen polish .... not even 1 picture (it was like maybe 10 years old I am not sure the collection it is from either). I am positive that some girl, somewhere, has it in a shoebox under her bed...... with tonnes of other antique polish's.

Anyway... It was a very pretty shade, very similar to this. There are alot of gorgeous pastel teal shades of polish out there and they are all beautiful, In fact I think I love every single pastel teal shade of polish I have seen, ( so far ). China Glaze 'For Audry' is probably the only polish I was excited about finding - and buying in the last few years. Because of the similarity of my favorite discontinued SH, and because it was going to be my very first Beauty Supply store purchase in Canada, = we did not have one open to the public prior to Winter-08.
~ Sun ~

~ Shade ~



Unknown said...

Great pedi! I have this color and never wear it lol!

Wan said...

Love your pedi! It's such a gorgeous colour! I hope you'll be able to find your favourite SH soon! :)

Kae said...

That looks fantastic on you!