Thursday, July 23, 2009

♥ Billie Mettalics ♥

~ Billie (Foil) Mettalic's = Sunshine ~


( no top coat )

~ Billie (Foil) Mettalic's = Shade ~
~ Billie (Foil) Mettalic's = Sunshine ~


Before I start, I want to mention I had 15 comments on my ' Silver & Alloy "S" Curve' nail art post= =the most ever, and I also have almost 15, 000 page views (at least 3000 are me, but = what-evs) Soooooo cool! I do hope I am inspiring people to check out bargain type stores for awesome inexpensive and discontinued polish, the thrill of the hunt is soooo alluring for me. I am addicted to hunting for bargain polish!!!!!!!!!! If you venture into unknown neighborhood though, please bring a buddy/body guard, just in case Okay? ♥♥♥♥


Dang, this has been sitting on my desktop for like 3 weeks, so I am posting it before I do a cool nail-art mani with the last two polish's, Billie 'Gold', and Billie 'Steel Blue'= which will happen eventually = . If you happen to live in Canada and read my blog, I did a post a few weeks ago with links to the locations of stores you can find this polish in. I squealed out loud when I saw that someone else found them, too ( the neon's, with amazing konadicures BTW ♥ ). I do hope I am doing a good job of swatching these, and if you happen to see them in the store but are not sure what they look like, you will now have some decent swatches to go on.


These Billie Mettalic's are soooooooo pigmented and dry super-duper fast. They do have a bit of a strong smell though, unlike the other Billies I have. My favorites are 'Steel Blue', 'Alloy', 'Plutonium Plum' and 'Iron Red', which I though was super tacky when I bought it but looked super-friggen cool with my diagonal Mani from 2 weeks ago. The silver and gold are equally beautiful, but the soft foil colors of my favorites are enchanting. I have created some gorgeous frankens with the Silver, and am glad I bought 2 bottles!


On the Williams Direct Marketing site, these are listed as Mettallic, but these are definitely foil, I had lovely bits of foil all over my hands while removing this polish. It's really too bad that people cannot order these polish's individually, because they are an amazing quality for the price. I am staking out the dollar shop in hopes that I can get my greedy, greedy paws on more of those 'Orange' polish's for a giveaway! ( fingers crossed ) However, I did get some comments and emails of people finding these polish's in Canada, so that's a good thing.....


Below the individual finger/bottle pics, I have included some close-ups for comparison to for the 'Plutonium Plum', and 'Alloy', they look very much alike, but are different; 'Alloy' is much brighter, and pinker, while 'Plutonium Plum' is more purple.


Anyhoo- Here is the Mettallic collection form Billie Cosmetics, You can always go to the LEFT hand side of my sidebar and click on the links to each color......Or just click on the Name of the polish above the pic's for a quicker link Since I discovered "hyper-linking" I do it as much as possible (I'll get bored eventually). Also, I know I have tonnnnnnes of links on my blog rolls on my side bar, I am working on condensing it I have also reduced the number of posts per page so my blog doesnt take forever to load. As always, my pictures are enlargeable, so click away!!!!


~ all two coats, in the Sun on the Right, Shade on the left


~ Billie Gold ~

~Top - Plutonium Plum, Bottom - Alloy ~


Skye said...

g0rjuz im loving these billies polishes

Lucy said...

I just love these polishes! Why can't they sell them in the states! I love the foil and metallic finishes. Your nails look beautiful.

clockwork said...

Wow these Billie polishes are something else!

Nicole said...

I too love these, every time I see them I think I comment to you that I think they are awesome! I really think these metallics are amazing. You have the prettiest nails! I swear it.

Unknown said...

I still love these polishes. Great swatches thanks for sharing. Foils are awesome!

sweet_little_angel said...

ho-mah-gosh, those metallics/foils are fricken amazing! I need to go back to the dollar store to look for those! Now my mission is to find, a yellow, a purple and those metallics. I wonder how they work with konad? I LOVE the gold one and the Iron red. AWESOMMEEE!!!!! Thanks for sharing! =D

chocaddict said...

Your stories with Billie polishes inspired me to go bargain hunting for polishes here in France. I made some nice finds, not nearly as great looking as those metallic shades are (must I mention I'm drooling all over my keyboard right now?) but still pretty. So thanks for the inspiration ^_^

1xellus1 said...

wow! so pretty. never heard of the brand. will keep my eyes peeled though! :O)