Thursday, July 23, 2009

♥ T.O.T.W. - 'Last Car Payment' ♥

So I am naming all my recent frankens after female positive things..... Hopefully there is no cosmetic or nail polish line out there with names like.... Mortgage Free, Double Income, No Kids, You Go Girl, etc..... well maybe not so much 'You Go Girl' but along the lengths of that, things in our lives to look forward to I suppose.....


I had an empty bottle of Billie 'Clear' and just poured some Sally Hansen Radish and Sally Hansen Root Deep in it ans shook it up and Viola! I call this one ' Last Car Payment. To me it looks like a deep blood red with lots of shimmer from within. I think that I will soon be making a silver foil red with this Sally Hansen 'Root Deep' polish. I shoulda bought two of these 'Root Deep' polish's. Here is a post I did a few months ago with just Sally Hansen 'Root Deep'

I got so enchanted with creating these that I did not keep a tally of what quantities.... I loooove this red (Root Deep.... I know, I know ) it is soooo bright and glow-ey and cheerful. I am finding myself drawn more and more to these types of reds lately.... So I would say, 75% red and 25% purple.....

I had fixed the "Macro-Mode" on my camera and now I have somehow fudged it up again. I think I will name one of these new frankens "I Finally Fixed The Macro-Mode... For Good", I swear to goodness, its irritating. I can still use the 'Flower' setting, which is macro mode, but cannot take flash photos this way! Ugggghhhhh! Oh well. Also I did a little photo-shop... well hopefully you do not notice.

I found it extremely difficult to take quality photos of my toes today, without the beautiful sunshine and my camera issues. However on a positive note I had been wearing this polish for almost 5 days with only 1 little chip on my Left ring-finger toe.... ( is that right ? ) Any-hoo- onto the photos, all taken on an overcast muggy/humid day.


L to R; Sally Hansen 'Radish' (I know, I know ) Sally Hansen 'Root Deep' (I know, I know ), and the lovely Franken I named 'Last Car Payment'.



Deborah Urban said...

"last car payment" I really love name and the color . I think your on to something. I have another name for your line of about..."debt free"!

Nicole said...

I love it! Looks so cute on your toes. And the names you're coming up with are awesome and funny! :D

sweet_little_angel said...

Oooo I love the swatches you did, And I really like your franken! It's looks great with your sandles! =D And Maybelline's Bronze Beam reminds me of those textured ceilings or walls with the paint job. lol But I like the colour, the texture is just a bit odd. =)

Lucy said...

Very pretty color you frankened. The names for the polishes are very inventive! Nice pedicure.

chocaddict said...

the name is a great find! I'm really bad with names whenever I franken a polish or fix up an eyeshadow or a blush it ends up with a number...sooo boring, hahaha!

It is a lovely deep red that you frankened here :)

Skye said...

very pretty thats a great pedi