Thursday, July 30, 2009

♥ Franken - 'Debt Free' Nail art W/ 'Last Mortgage Payment' ♥

~ Debt Free' Nail art W/ 'Last Mortgage Payment' ~

Awwwww I was sad to take this one off...... I actually managed to do a decent job applying the 'mailing labels' guide diagonally across my nails =all 5 uniformly= then paint them... just a few teensie mistakes, but I knew I would be adding some embellishments. I got these cute little stars with a set of false toe-nails at an awesome store in Burlington Ontario, at X-mas ...sooo cute ( the one star on my pinky w/the black outline is from a different batch of stickers I am trying out )

~ Super-close-up ~


'Last Mortgage Payment' is the polish I was wearing in my previous post, I cut mailing labels ( easy to remove & no gooey residue ) in 5 cm-ish strips and affixed diagonally to my nails, slapped on a coat of one of my newer Frankens 'Debt Free', waited for it to dry ( like 5 min) then affixed star stickers on the diagonal line added 2 coats of Billie 'Clear Polish', and Viola.

'Debt Free' is beautiful in the bottle and in the sunlight - but it is pretty dark. It is one of those polish's that you have to be very close to to see the shimmery effect. I created this with Sally Hansen 'Radish' & Sally Hansen ' Candy Lace'. I made a mistake by starting with a dark color and tried to lighten it. When I franken again ( which will be soon ) I will definitely start with a light base then add color/pigment to make it dark = way easier. I do not think I will be doing a full mani with 'Debt Free' as I will be tweaking it to be a little different then it is now. I also created another franken that looks very similar to this ( my next post ) so I will 'jazz' this up and then post.... eventually.


Anyhoo- here is a bunch of photos of 'Debt Free' & 'Last Mortgage Payment' I like the tone-on-tone look better than contrasting colors.

~ Sunshine ~

~ Sunshine ~

~ Shade ~
~ Sun ~

ABOVE; Starting from the LEFT on the nailz - A Franken I made AND FRIGGEN LOST in my house somewhere, 'Last Mortgage Payment'=2 coats, Debt Free = 2 coats, Last Mortgage Payment=2 coats (again ), D.I.N.K.=2 coats ( matte )


Skye said...

very pretty

elashaw said...

love the colours... and bahaha, love the names too!

Velvet said...

I really like this combo together. The tone on tone appeals better to me too. The stars were a nice subtle touch. They really complete the whole look. Sooo cool!

Deborah Urban said...

love it! I love the colors and the stars. I only wish I was debt free and on my last mortgage payment!

chocaddict said...

great colors and great nail art :)

Lucy said...

Love this manicure. Your colors are beautiful. Love the stars. I'd wear this to the Harry Potter movie!