Friday, July 3, 2009

♥ Billie - 'Bubble Gum' ♥


~Billie 'Bubble Gum' 3 coats (UGH) and 2 coats Billie Top Coat~

~{ RING China Glaze 'Spontaneous' 2 coats & T.C. }~



I have swatched all these lovely Billie Scented polish's and am in the process of adding them to my blog. as soon as I get them all up here I will do a little montage of all the colors. This Polish 'Bubble-Gum' was not very scented, it is a really pretty color though, My only complaint besides the not-so-scented-ness, was that I am not a fan of this type of Frosted-Pearle finish, as it leaves brush strokes... I don't like that that! I would be elated if these were a creme finish with scented-ness.

I have used China Glaze 'Spontaneous' on my RING finger, for comparison. CG 'Spontaneous' is a creme finish... right? I do like the color of this Billie polish, just not the finish. But what more can I ask for .99 cents?

Anyhoo - onto the photos...... I will be a busy girl this weekend, hopefully I will get he rest of this Billie "Scented Polish" collection up very soon.

~ Full SunShine ~

~ Full SunShine ~


Lucy said...

I really love that Billie polish. I don't mind the frosted look. I love Spontaneous. That I will have to get. Can't wait till you update all your Billie's. Should be something to look at.

sweet_little_angel said...

The Billie colour is adorable! lol I LOVE pink and that colour is unique especially with the finish. It's like a pearl-ish finish.

Wan said...

I love the Bille polish! Can't wait to see all of the scented ones! And I LOVE Spontaneous on you! It's such a pretty colour! I want it so bad but I have a lot of similar polishes already. *sigh*

Dee said...

That's a really awesome pearly white with a slight pink to it! <3