Thursday, July 23, 2009

♥ Yucky-ies ♥

I pretty much say that I love every polish I wear ==== or see on other blogs, I loooove colr - so they sincerely are beautiful , however these 4 polish's are just not up to par for me, they are pretty and are unique but just are not working out. We can still be friends, except 'Peanut Shell'.

This first polish, Maybelline 'Bronze Beam' I had hoped would be a fine copper glitter in a mid-copper base, but instead it was a very grainy glitter..... with ALOT of texture, While it is a very pretty color, I think I needed 3 medium to thick coats of T.C. to get it smoothe, it really is a weird texture. I do not foresee myself doing a full mani with this any time soon.


This polish is Sally Hansen 'Peanut Shell', which belonged to a collection of polish's that Sally Hansen named after " thing's underground", or something like that. I have recently used all of this in my purple batch of frankens, it came in handy. It was a very pretty color but just too close to my skin tone.... and I would likely never wear it. I purchased it for $ 1.25 at a small pharmacy in my town, I have already used all of this polish, and the bottle & ballz in my recent Franken polish's.....

Goodbye 'Peanut Shell' Thanks for everything.

~ ♥ ~

This polish, 'Emerald Water' is one of those super-duper sheer polish's from Maybelline that came out in the late 90's. I purchased it in anticipation to thin out my 'Antique' Maybelline polish's, if necessary. So far so good. I remember painting my nails with these in the store ( yes, I did that ) and was mystified as to why anyone would paint there nails with this.... this looks so sheer...... weird, I wonder if it co-incided with some Earth Day or Green Peace deal = That was big in the mid to late 90's.

I saw on a few other nail blogs that using these ridiculously sheer polish over a rich silver looked really, really pretty, and I did try that but after 4 COATS there really was not enough color to make a difference.

Also, I find this looks blue, not at all emerald. Maybe someone fell asleep at the nail polish labeling masheen, again ?

~ ♥ ~

Finally, we have Ghetto-Ghetto Fabulous. I have this 'Viva' brand polish in black as well, and I am certain that this is Auto body paint just in a tiny bottle. Sometimes it gives off the aroma of standing water in a creek or bog, but mostly I can detect the scent of an Auto body paint booth. Of some photos I have seen , this sorta looks like Misa Ghetto Fabulous, though I have never seen that polish first hand. These photos of Ghetto-Ghetto Fabulous were taken during an overcast day. Definitely a polish that should be used out side. I think it's a pretty color and plan on a full Mani soon with some Sunshine Pic's .


~ ♥ ~


Natalie said...

aww i like those colors!

Nicole said...

LOL! LOL! You are too funny. That, I don't think that's green. That looks like a soft blue? Totally weird. And the's lumpy like sandpaper! Doesn't look like it would do that from the look of the bottle, which is really pretty.

Lucy said...

That Maybelline Bronze is a pretty color until you look closely. Uck! It does look like colored sandpaper. That's really weird. Emeral Water sure doesn't look like Emerald. It looks a little like For Audrey. The other polish does look like Misa's Ghetto Fabulous.