Monday, July 6, 2009

♥ Billie -'Watermelon' ♥

~ Billie 'Watermelon' - 3 coats & NO Top Coat ~
~INDEX - China Glaze 'Spontaneous' ~

Here is the last post of these Scented Billie Polish's. This is 3 coats of 'Watermelon' with no top coat. On my INDEX Finger is China Glaze 'Spontaneous' ( no top coat either ). Like all the other scented polish's i have worn recently, this also had a Frosted-Pearle finish, While I have been sick the last 3 weeks (not swine flu... ahem, H1N1, sorry ) I could still smell this one, which is more of a cucumber melon then watermelon.... Like Bath & Body Works cucumber-melon kinda smell. Going by how strong the "Old" grape scented Billie polish I had was, I wish I did buy the first batch of these scented polish's. I am not complaining ....., they are all very pretty colors, most of which I did not already own similar colors to, and they dried super-duper fast. I am bent on buying one of each of these Billie polish's, and am only missing a few from what i can find on the companies website. I have re-sent a letter to find out more info as to where these can be bought. Hopefully someone will get back to me.

Anyhoo- onto the photos

~ Sunshine ~

~ Shade ~



Lucy said...

Glad your getting all the Billie polishes. I'm sure you could find dupes for every polish with name brands. This brand is much better since it's way cheaper. I have to stop buying name brands and find dupes with good cheap polishes. Why oh why doesn't Billie polish ship here! I love the Watermelon. It's nice that it's scented. Some polishes are really horrible. I've enjoyed seeing all of your Billie finds.

Kae said...

That is a delicious looking pink!