Thursday, July 23, 2009

♥ Big City Bargans ♥

~ Big City Bargains ~

Good Grief, this haul is from a month ago and I am just getting to it now! This sis an awesome bargain haul from the big city - these were all in a dusty bin on the bottom shelf of a dollar store. The L.A. Girl ridge fillers ( X 3 ) is an awesome matte-i-fier and were .25 cents each. The Orange shade the sheer shades and the super-gross band aid-like color were between .25 cents and 1 dollar. The two 'Billies' were $1.00 each. I do hope there is a few more of the 'Ridge Filler' bottles when I go back to the big city, because I really like the brush on these and they will come in handy-dandy for some matte frankens I plan on making soon♥.

While I have included some swatches, at the moment I have better swatches drying, and am waiting for the sun to come back out....... after all those sunny days being hunkered down indoors, and today I wanted to take photos...... well, at least I will be ready when the sun appears!

Below, you can see my awesome toenail polish, 'Green Meadows' I love that one.....

Top Row - L to R; Ridge Filler, French Cream, (X 2 ), Billie Shores, ( X 2 )
Bottom - L to R; No Name, Silver Lining, Pink Bl...., Silver Lining, Ridge Filler (X2 )

I also found a bottle of a Billie Base Coat, a weird thin milky polish... So I ran overt o my local .99 cent store in my town and they actually had Billie Base Coat and top coat.... So I picked up some of those to more recently, not with this haul. Also it was the purchase of this bunch of polish s that my D.H. pointed out that I have a serious problem...... And I do!

I do hope to get better swatches on here.... I am pretty much frankening every bottle here..... I have plans for most of them, and this will keep me very busy. The L.A. Girl ridge filler was a pleasant surprise, I tried the black shiny and matte polka dots and I am a ridiculous perfectionist and my polka dots are uneven, I will eventually post an acceptable polka dot matte/shiny Mani.

Anyhoo- onto the photos..... I think that these polishs cost approx $4.50 Canadian all together... I'll check on that......

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Lucy said...

Nice haul you made. That's the best thing to find are old dusty polishes. Buy any weird color since you can make up your own. I like your green toes!