Wednesday, July 1, 2009

♥ Bargain Matte-i-fy-er ♥

*** This L.A. Girl 'Ridge Filler' is not the polish I am wearing on my nails***
***** Its just an awesome, cheap Matte-i-fy-er *****


Just a quick post...... I have personally seen many, many bottles of these L.A. Girl polish's in baskets and bins at $Dollar stores in central Canada.... Usually they have uuuuggglyyyy colors that have been sitting for ages. However I picked up like 10 bargain polish ... most for .25 cents each, hoping to use the bottles for frankens.... This was a pleasant surprise though. This is an awesome Matte-i-fy-er, I am sorry my pics are a little crummy but I wanted to get this on my blog ASAP. Just in case readers are heading out the do a little shopp'in (I am only 'en-able-ing' those who are bargain shoppers! ) i am supper excited to do a better Matte/Shiny nail art with this, in polka is much easier to work with than my Antique Maybelline Matte Maker!

I hope to get better photos of this matte-fier this afternoon... Sorry





Unknown said...

That's so awesome!!!! I wish I could find these at my dollar store! I look Forward to the nail art!

Lucy said...

This looks promising. Hope you have good luck with it. That's fantastic buying 25cent polishes. Good idea to franken them. I never run across anything that good. Oh well! Hope you franken some awesome colors,