Friday, April 17, 2009

~♥~ Nail Polish Haul ~♥~

All my good deeds are paying of for me.... I have been very mindful of 'giving' and so ta-da,I really hit the jackpot at my favorite discount store in town. Below are a few picks of the new polishes I bought, I have quita an arsenal of this brand, with alot of options for frankening. I am really delighted that these polishes dry so fast, At the moment I am rocking a severe high-lighter orange.

If you are planning on using any neon polishes anytime soon, I have 'dicovered' that using a white polish, after a basecoat and before your first coat of color, really, really, brightens your neon, like insanely bright. This would probally be a good thing for any lighter bright polish..... I tried this last night and it turned out amazing!!!! The sun should come out here today, so I am waiting to get some outdoor pc's of the orange color I am wearing.

Also, I learned an awesome tip that i wish I thought of, or knew of at Nixxy's Nails ... What a smart cookie she is!

Anyhoo, on to the photo's of my recent nail haul, yes, I did break my promise of not buying anything till May, but I realy really love these.

~ Here is the insanely retna burning bright polish "Pink Pansy" in the middle, I found two similar, but less 'Day-Glo' bright pnks. I hope to get both of these on my nails STAT,with a real comparison instead of just on my home made swatches. I aplogize for the quality of my photos, but this is really an interm post, and I hope to properlly model these soon

The "Rose" color, is leaning toward a pinky-orange, while the "Fuchia" is an average hot pink.

Top~ Rose, Left~ Pink Pansy, Right~ Fuschia

~ These are some better pic's to see the difference in color... ~

My newest Haul with some other polishes of this 'Billie' Brand (* sigh*)

~ Left to Right ~
~ Blue
~ Blue Skies
~ Green
~ Green Meadows
~ Purple Haze
~ Rose
~ Pink Pansy
~ Fuschia
~ Orange
~ Burning Hot

I am surprised with the naming of some of these new ones I bought, just primary name colors? All the other polishes have names with a little personality, They all went on smoothe and only needed two coats. Only the second-to-last polish pictured here is shiny this is a very pretty burnt orange with shimmer in it, very nice. The last polish is the 'Blue' with a coat of glitter that I also picked up but is not pictured.

On my 'homemade' swatch there is two coats of each polish, with the exception of pink pansy and orange. In the future I will always use a coat or two of a white polish before I use bright colors such as these neons, or any other bright color for that matter.

Here are some pic' form the store, my goodness, I love that store, I am always sad when I go in there and there isn't one lonley polish for me to buy, So yesterday I hit the motherload with these, I restrained myself and only bought 10, but I am going back today to take a closer look at the polishes which are named after wines and spirits (' the booze collection .... ha ha) and will most likely pick up a few more, if there is any left. I tried to get pic's from different angels and get their names also, saving me from typing them out. .

~ "Booze Collection for Spring/Summer" ~

~ I hope thre is one of these' Passion' camel brown polishes left, I think it will be perfect as a base for a "cheeta" mani

As I have been reading blogs and googleing nail polish, i come across brands I have never heard of, brands from other continents and countries.........I looooove to see pic's and swatches of these. I also have been enjoying reading comments about the 'Fabrege Eggs' of Nail polish, polishes that are dis-continued and polishes that are limited edition and rare. It is good to see all the 'frankens' and people using their creativity to re-create these types polishes!!!!!! (ie. the Zulu one)


styrch said...

That is some SERIOUS color! I'm not sure I could pull off the neons. Never really tried. Closest I've gotten so far is China Glaze Flying Dragon.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Thy certainly are very bright & flashy. I like that flying dragon one, with the multi-shimmer/glitter... I regret not picking it up.

These neon's are more of a novelty to me, but I am starting to like them more and more.... I will probably end up Franken'ing most of them or passing them along to someone in my family.

clockwork said...

Loving how brilliant these neons are.

Brooke said...

I love all those bright ones!!

Lucy said...

You lucky dog you!!!! What fantastic colors. I love them all. I think I'd have to bring them all home with me. Never heard of the brand. They really all look beautiful on you. I'm really liking the one different nail your doing.