Saturday, July 18, 2009

♥ Billie - 'Alloy' & 'Silver' Curve ~ Nail Art ♥

~ Billie 'Silver' & Billie 'Alloy' = 'S' Curve Nail Art ~


My goodness, I have been M.I.A., I miss blogging but have not had the time to get on here and post stuff. I do have alot of pictures and posts coming up, so that will keep me busy and everyone entertained, hopefully inspired too ♥.


Today's post is a mani I did last week, I stuck these false nails to a nail case with that poster tack stuff, painted 2 coats of Billie Silver, and then applies a mailing label which I cut into an 'S' curve, then applied 2 coats of Billie 'Alloy',& 2 coats of C.G. Fast Forward. This mani lasted like, 5 days with no problems. The photos I have used here, outside in the sunshine, are actually of day 4 of my mani! The photos below are of how I did this ((( it's super-duper easy, just like the strait triangle one from 2 weeks ago )))


I have also added indoor photos that were taken at the most luxurious, exciting and action packed airport in the free world, The Winnipeg International Airport, get ready the glitz and glamor unlike anything you have every seen. I also made it to Sephora, which was really cool, None of the nail polish wowed me, though, but I did do a little swatch of some Make-up For Ever, eyeshadow, and other products. It really is an really is an amazing line.


So..... I just cut out a simple 'S' curve using the curved end of a nail file...... I used mailing labels because I find the 'glue' does not stick as much a s other types of stickers.....Honestly, this 'S' curve was all experimental, but it worked out amazingly well, Then I gently cut them out..... I did not want the curve to be too ying-yang like, just a gentle curve. I stuck some false nails which I shaped to my natural nail onto a case of acrylic nails with that power tack stuff ( that stuff is awesome!!!) painted 2 coats of Silver, waited for it to dry, then applied the sticker and painted two coats of the pink ~ Viola!!!! Next time I will do more contrasting colors - but I do think this is very pretty. There is no way I would attempt this with the stickers on my finger-nails and trying to polish my fingers, this was way easier for me this way......

There is much better photos further into this post of the finished product, I have soooo many posts to do - I am gonna have to park my a** in front of the computer and get to it!


~ Sunshine ~

~ Sunshine ~

~ Sunshine ~

~ Sunshine ~

~ Sunshine ~

~ At Winnipeg International Airport ~
~ In Sephora ~

~ Poster Tack ~

~ I don't trust these two ...... ~


Mary said...

You are creative and artistic! Maybe Sephora will let you post your nails on their site, I love it! The colors you used go together perfectly :)

nivipa said...

I'm really loving the simple and elegant duo-color design with the interesting "S" curve in it!

rockymtmama said...

awesome mani!

Unknown said...

This looks great! Love this simple idea, I might even try this one!

Stephanie said...

wow, that looks so amazing! I have to try it! =]

konADDICT said...

Sooooo cleaver!...I'm a scrapbooker, you gotta invest in some fiskars with the fancy cutting'd go crazy! So, you've inspired me to pull mine out and try some crazy edging! including konad stamps...of course!

Unknown said...

way cool method!!

elashaw said...

thats so pretttttty!!!
i checked my area, and unfortunatly we don't have any dollar stores that carry billie : ( even when i move back to toronto, none in my area! arg, we should petition them to sell them at dollaramas :P

such pretty colours!! i'm gonna have to test out painters tape for design lines!

chocaddict said...

that looks extremely good and it's so creative! I love it ;o)

sweet_little_angel said...

Ooo this is very pretty! Those colours are amazing! When I went to go check for Billie polishes I didn't see those colours.

lol and you're idea of 'harassing' the workers at the store for Billie Polishes is a good idea! haha, when I go there again maybe I'll ask them when they usually ship those nail polishes.

And thank-you! I like your blog as well! And it true, your previous posts mentions how you would rather read blogs than the news and media. I totally agree! =D

Thanks for introducing us to Billie Cosmetics! They're awesome, especially if you're in a budget!

styrch said...

Wow! That is absolutely gorgeous! :)

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

We have to envy you for finding these Billie bottles. I don't think they are sold anywhere else, certainly not the dollar stores around here :-)

clockwork said...

Really pretty look.

Lucy said...

Just a beautiful design. I love your color combination and design. I love all your photos and even in the airport! I've never used Power Tac. Good idea to use it.

Deborah Urban said...

I love this nail design.

Anonymous said...

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