Saturday, May 16, 2009

~♥~ -Storage- ~♥~

I know this is not for everyone, but I am outgrowing my previous storage solution, even though I have been giving away polish's I do not use / need. I will be picking up one of those awesome Ikea HELMER Drawer unit's on casters, in the future..... but until then, I want to be able to grab my little box of goodies and do my nails / toenails, anywhere in my home or outside. I have used Tomato boxes that the grocery store gets... they are very very strong, I have fallen & landed on one with minimal damage. Unless there is squished tomato in them, they are great for storage and last alot longer than legal boxes.

I am calling this sort of thing I do " Marge's home made Pepsi ", when Lisa Simpson,(of The Simpson's ) goes to a school dance, Marge makes her some home-made Pepsi... I think that it too funny! And so the relevance of that is yeah, I could buy something like this, but I could totally do it myself, too. and it's not just because I am a bargain hunter, and yeah, I am a little on the cheap side, but I really want = what I want. It turned out functional and has been great so far. I just have to not buy any more goodies or I will have to put those in another spot. but by the time I run out of space I will have a Helmer already.

Also, how would you even go about making 'Home made Pepsi'?

I have found Tomato boxes, form the grocery store.. (no squished tomatoes please ) Using just a glue gun, I covered them with a durable fabric, then lined the inside with poster paper from the dollar store in hot fuchsia, then covered the seams with a black ribbon using a glue gun.

Then I made 2 separate removable boxes, one for polishes, and one for tools- like nail files, buffers, and whatever. I used a pretty heavy duty cardboard, and again with the glue gun just fabricated a simple square and rectangle box.
Later I covered these two boxes with black poster board from the dollar store, and used clear packing tape around the seams. The larger of the box's I was clever and created a handle and glued it to the bottom of the 'mini' box so I could easily remove it to get to the other polishes / goodies below. They are resting on brackets I made by gluing several pieces of foam board together then gluing the 'bracket' to the sides of my tomato box.

I have glued a piece of heavy duty cardboard
covered in the pretty fuchsia paper, to the middle of my box to create a permanent compartment =and= for the upper box with the handle to rest on just in case the 'brackets' i made give way. This has held up exceptionally well..... so far.

Where all my polish's are lined up in the compartments, I covered a piece
foam-core board the length of the compartment with the same hot fuchsia poster paper, wrapping the fuchsia paper around the foam board, and then gluing it to the foam board. These are not fixed in place, because I am sure to change their spacing as I get new polish, or give away ones I no longer use. I have made them long enough so that they stay put, by just wedging them in place. That bugged me about Caboodle's, and Sassiby's (memba those? I think that is what their name was. ) those cosmetic and nail polish storage things, the nail polishes always jiggled around in there.

I made sure to leave a space between the two 'upper' boxes for tall nail polish removers to fit in. I have yet to cover the inside of the lid with the pretty pink paper, and will be trading out my purple false-nail storage boxes for the black boxes that i have found that come with screws and nails and such = because the purple boxes have a space between the lid and each compartment, and my false-nails are getting all mixed up.....

This box fits perfectly under my bed and while it is clearly home made, it is not an eyesore like some other things i have used for storage, which I am short of at the moment.... because i have too much stuff ♥

So.... it sorta looks trashy and home made, but I am totally over buying all these storage containers only to find they did not fit-in in my new home, or it's contents have outgrown them. I am looking forward to that Ikea thing... it's on caster too.... I hope my descriptions make sense. I could not find a box big enough to hold everything, yet was small enough dimensions to fit where I needed it to fit. Alot of pretty fabric covered boxes you can find at like Walmart or Winners, or Homesense, (T.J. Maxx in the U.S. ) are cardboard, like the same stuff your DVD Player comes in, If you need specific dimension and pretty and functional at the same time, you will have to go all D.I.Y. on that !

I will be making another one of these, with different compartments for my hair accessories and hair appliances ( good-grief ) I think that I have hair accessories and hair stuff in 3 separate areas in my home (... NO MORE!!!!! ) I will be sure to take better detailed pictures .

Any questions, please add a comment and I will answer. I hope I explained this well, it gets a little confusing and I am sorry I did not take detailed pic's of the whole project. But I will next time.



Unknown said...

This is totally awesome! you did a great job! My mom use to make me boxes like this when I was young,they where a lot smaller and filled with fancy stationary. I have to much polish to make this work for me but I totally love this idea!

Lucy said...

What an excellent job you've done. You know best what you need and what height. I wish there was something that nice out there. I can't seem to find anything I like. I bought those triple drawer things from Target. I filled all three drawers up. The wheels snapped off right away and I couldn't budge the thing. I had to return it. Guess I have to much polish.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Kitty ~ This will not last me very long at the rate I am adding polishes to my collection, but it will do till I pick up my Helemer form Ikea♥

Lucy ~ That is a funny story.... Wow you have that much polish you collapsed a storage bin!

If you have the room one of those steel Helmer drawer things from Ikea is a good idea, it holds alot of polish/stuff and is easy to wheel around if needed. I believe they come in black and red now