Tuesday, May 19, 2009

♥ Maybelline 'Matte Rose' & Purple Comet' & SH's

~ RING finger- 'Purple Comet' 3 coats...others 'Matte Rose' 2 coats ~

There is a picture of my naked, vulnerable nail towards the end.... probally the only one I'll ever put on here willingly. My nails are so thin, but very very sharp. I cannot be bothered with all sorts of hardeners and vitamins, those things did not work for me, so I am a faithful acrylic nail user.


Here is a little haul I picked up at the beginning of May. Maybelline 'Matte Rose' and Maybelline 'Purple Comet'. I bought these and 3 others at a bargain shop in my town for 2 each,and later they were priced at $1.00 each, so I bought 6 more...... I found the SH's at another store in town I rarely visit, but am glad I did. There is a little pharmacy in my neighborhood, and they had a basket with some older polishes in it. I had already bought 1 bottle each of Sally Hansen 'Root Deep', and 'Radish', but I went back and grabbed the other 3 bottles of 'Radish' (I know, I know.... it's dark purple, not red like a radish... )for FRANKENS, so I will say that I am not going to be short of any shade of purple I desire for the rest of my life. I did a few experiments and they all turned out really, really pretty. I also picked up another Sally Hansen polish called "Peanut Shell' Which is a very pretty Beige/Sand color.... I guess the theme for these polishes collection is things underground? That's pretty " deep " for a nail polish company....


These Sally Hansen polishes were $1.25 each. I am not sure how old they are... but I cannot recall a SH collection that was all earthy and shizz with names like these.I am pleased that they are very richly pigmented. I swatched some darker coloured SH 10 day no chip nail color's early last week, and they were really like, watery and sheer..... hmmm, I like my polishes opaque unless they are for layering.....


Currently I cannot turn the "Macro-Mode" on my camera on.... I do not know what button I pressed but everything else is working fine. On most newer camera's there is a setting that is for flowers, so I have to go into the menu and select this 'flowers' setting, which is macro mode, and that is what I am doing for now, and it is working just fine...... but normally I just press the macro button on the back of my camera, and it goes all macro { ......EXTRA SAD FACE===== :O( ......}. I hope my husband can help me fix it !


So... onto the photos. This matte shade was difficult to apply, I like my skinny brush handle, and so I had alot of brush marks... This is also an antique polish, so it's a little on the thick side. But, it still dried in less than 5 minutes. Sadly it was soooo gloomy here early this morning, It is dufficult to see the matte-ness in the photos....and just as I started decorating these nails ( next post! ) the sun came out .... DANG ~

~ Indoors with Flash ~

~ Outside with Flash - under gloomy cloudy skies ~

♥♥♥ !!!!!! BARGAINS !!!!!! ♥♥♥

~L-R -'Radish', 'Peanut Shell', 'Matte Rose', 'Shooting Stars' all are 2 coats!!!!~



Lucy said...

I love the matte polish. So pretty on you.

Mary said...

Those colors look very nice together. And of course I adore the matte one!

clockwork said...

I really like the Purple Comet.

Helen said...

I love all your photos and am getting sold on the mattes - they look lovely on you.