Sunday, May 3, 2009

~♥~ Maybelline ' City Slick '~♥~


Here is another one of my $2.00 'Antique Polishes' from a store in my town that I had overlooked... I actually just went out for a bike ride one day, and thought I would pop in there....... I have since gone back and picked up a few cool bargains, and of course more Nail Polish.

For the longest time I was in love with Cover Girl Nail Slicks -" Midnight Metal". I wore it alot- because I really like metallic's on my toes...... but after many, many years, it got toooo thick and was dufficult to apply. I then started using it for jewelery where certain colors or finishes in costume jewelery did not do it for me. So if I bought a piece of costume jewelery that I loved, but did not care for or got bored the color of the crystals or stones in it I would use " Midnight Metal" to 'fix-it-up'

This Maybelline polish " City Slick" is a good dupe for Cover Girl "Midnight Metal" which is an older polish { an 'antique' polish } but it still dries to the touch in less than 1 minute!!!!! Lately I seem to mar my middle finger, almost immediately before my big photo shoot, and so I stuck on some nail gems that I had from the Dollar-rama, and did not notice all the fuzzzzzies that were stuck to the nail gems when I took these photos!..... DANG!

I am never gonna make-it in the nail blog big leagues if stuff like this keeps happening to me.


Oh well, onto the photo's... I hope to encourage other people out there to get out there older polishes and start swatching..... and polishes that are obscure or odd..... One of the French Bloggers uses the term 'Fogey Polish' TM for polishes that are older....I thought that was really cute.... a 12 year old polish really is old, ancient.... but if it still applies well, and wears well Then that's rad. Very few beauty products have a shelf life like nail polish... so sometimes it is a good investment.

I like the term ' Antique Polish ' better, I think it is more lady-like.

I am sorry if I am torturing people with the bargains I seem to come across, but I have some built-in bargain radar... I got that from my mom!







clockwork said...

I like the color and finish! Looks like it held up well :)

Unknown said...

I love this one too! All your polishes are so cool! I wish I could get these. I love the express finish.

Tuli said...

I love this color and your nail gems decoration turned out amazing ! And like you, I also think that there's a place to post all kinds of polishes - new, old, known/unknown brands, odd colors, etc etc. :-) We love them all, don't we ? lol

Sheila said...

I was just going through my collection tonight and found some really cool oldies but goodies I'd forgotten about. I really like this color and think I have it's lighter cousin Stroke of Silver. Only one problem with seeing older polishes is now I want it!!!

Mary said...

That's a great color, I really like it. Your nail jewels are lovely too!

Lucy said...

Like the color on you. I couldn't see any fuzzys and I enlarged the photos. Like the jewels on your middle finger. Really looks pretty on you.