Tuesday, May 5, 2009

~♥~ Indulge Beauty - 'Red' ~♥~'

MIDDLE finger = 1 coat of deep black polish & 1 coat of Indulge red, the rest are 2 coats of Indulge red with a shiny top coat. The nail decals came with my nailene fake toenails (can't remember which specific product )


Since I will be skipping my usual evening activities to nurse my painful windburn, I am going to try to and post all these folders of photos I have hogging up space on my desktop. I had originally worn this polish a few weeks ago, I put a shiny top-coat on, all excited and ready for my photo-shoot, then I dinged and gouged it up - severely. I tried to salvage it with some nail stickers that I had. In the end, I had to take it off because it was just too beat up for a 20 minute old polish job. I totally should have skipped the Top-Coat, I usually do not add one, as I like to use a glitter the next day of my mani !!!!!!

I am sure to wear it again, as it dried very fast. It is very shiny on it's own and I am sorry that I added the top coat which was totally unnecessary and ruined my manicure (* tears *). This polish is a cheerful red with gold shimmer. The gold, red and chocolate polishes came together in a package, they are the 'Fudge Trio", while the pink, fuchsia, and purple came in a package together = the 'Berry Trio'. Along with these polishes, there was and Orange/Peach trio , and a french Manicure trio, ( white, pink, and clear ). I picked these ones and wish I bought them all......Really, really cute.

~ Please continue reading after the photo's for some super-exciting math and commentary!!!!!! ~



So a while ago, I wanted to practice some nail art, but I really suck at it and have given up, I am happy with nail stickers and glitter and such, so I have always been curious as to how many uses you can get from products, how many sandwiches can you make with a jar or mayonnaise, lip-gloss, Windex, whatever it may be. So I did a little experiment which you can further read about here,

~ I have used both of these mini polishes 3 times each, using 2 to 3 coats & swatching in my "home-made" nail swatches and a few drops for franken experiments ~


If you use 2 coats of polish, which I feel should be all that is needed to achieve 'bottle color' or whatever effect = otherwise it will be a time consuming polish, for me that means including drying time, application and clean up, that specific polish just takes too much time to use, so I do not keep these around { and try not to buy them either } . Common volume's of polish seems to be 12 to 15 ml, so I used 13ml in my little experiment. A 13ml bottle of nail polish, applying 2 coats, and being moderately sloppy in application on your fingernails, will give approx. 40 applications. These Indulge minis are 5ml each, which means that I will get at least 15 applications from it, very likely more.When I am bored of them... FRANKEN, it's a win/win situation.

~ Ummmmmm, close, but this is a little too small ~

{ image from a miniature hobby site forum via goolge images }


So depending on the quality of polish= ie; if it is very opaque, very thin and sheer etc. If it is 'two coat' coverage, you will likely get at least 40 applications from a 13 ml bottle . I personally have worn a specific nail polish 40 times, and so volume is not a baaaad thing , but I would rather see smaller quantities more accessible to me, in a quality polish so I can have more variety. That is why I am obsessed / in love with mini polishes. They take up less space,( which is really important for me right now), if I do not like it it is not a great loss, I can always franken or giveaway,


Sheer polish can be very pretty, but I am not a fan of using just a sheer polish alone, I use sheers for layering. So I am mainly referring to two coat polishes which are likely to be opaque (/// I guess ??//// )

{ Just in case anyone is curious, in my town it is $10.00 to $14.00 for full sized O.P.I's. SH's are like $6.00- $9.00 Essie's are 13.00, Revlon, Rimmels.... are like $6.00.... To order things and get them here, is sometimes ridiculous.... But I am elated that I have my .99 cent store and other bargain-type shops close by where I have gotten extremely lucky..... SO IN NO WAY AM I COMPLAINING AT ALL! }

It really is rare for me to use up an entire bottle of nail polish (I would be more likely to give them away, or start chucking them before I finish them off...... ) I am happy that I have access to Sally Girl polishes now, they seem to have some unique colors that I would not buy a full bottle of. ( YELLOW ! ) The last three Claire's mini's I found were not that great, but I did make some nice frankens with them.I did notice though, that they seem to separate quickly..... so I will have to see what their shelf-life is......... Most mini nail polishes that are readily available to me at this moment are not that impressive.

In conclusion, I wish that we had a products like 'depend' cosmetics here in Canada.... they have beautiful current and unique colors in a perfect mini bottle! Mavala also has beautiful colors( Google it ) but I have only seen them in discount/ outlet stores, and only in deep reds and sheers....... Soooooooooooooo jealous of those!


Mary said...

I really like the way you use 2 different yet similar polishes on your nails. You do seem to have alot of other great stores in your area, but that's crazy high for OPI's.

Velvet said...

You know...lately, I've been leaning towards buying more mini polishes. For the same reasons. What got me thinking....I saw the new Essie neons in mini. Now, I like neon colors. Just not a full bottle. Then...I began to think about other polishes,and how I really am running out of! To store them all. Plus, I may get tired of some polishes and never finish them. It was nice to read your thoughts, and the math on the this matter. Thanks for sharing. Btw, nice red polish. I wish we could get Depend polish too!

Lacquer Laine said...

I am loving the darker middle finger! Awesome idea!

Lucy said...

You make total sense with buying mini's. I've never used up a bottle of polish. True that they take up so much room. I have to spend more money to buy something to store them all in. Sometimes I'm not crazy about the color. Would be nice to only have a small amount. Problem is I think some companies would start charging more for a mini size.

Brooke said...

Thanks for the info girly :)