Tuesday, May 26, 2009

♥ Sally Hansen 'Radish' & Nail Stickers ♥

My blog description is Less Shop'in - More Paint'in

Thats Right! Less shopping and more Mani / Pedi's ....... and Photo's!

~ Outdoors- Full-on morning sunshine ~


Here is a lovely black looking Sally Hansen 'Radish'. I was so elated that I figured out what was going on with my camera and so I took a million photo's. This polish is one of those ones that just looks very dark and black in most lighting. When compared to a black object though, it is easy to detect the purple-ish colour. And so I had to get outside for this one ♥

This is two coats of 'Radish', followed by these lovely Nail stickers, and then some Flakie/Glitter on the tips and covering the sticker ( I thought it was too harsh with just the polish and nail sticker.... and so, glitter to the rescue). Then 2 coats of China Glaze Fast Forward, which is an awesome top coat and I am very pleased with it so far. And I went back to my 'Glitter under the tips thing'


This radish polish is one that I picked up at a little pharmacy in my neighborhood for $1.25.... there was a few pretty polishes in this 'Bargain Basket' I waited for 2 weeks then went and picked up what was left for Frankening..... Now when my 'Mini-No-Buy' is over I am gonna pick up some Sally Hansen Hard As Nails ...... the same formula as this in WHITE and GO TO TOWN creating some very pretty lilac's and other purple colors.


I have found a better way to take indoor photos, I am using one of those fancy-pants light bulbs that is supposed to mimic bright natural light.... I am not ready to drop the cash on a fancy light fixture for taking photos of my nails... and my home is bursting with stuff..... lots of stuff...... I think it looks alright, it is picking up the color accurately so far, I will be getting to my polish's that lots of other bloggers have worn, so I will see how this is working out, It is always so gloomy here..... My fingers are crossed for the rest of the week for some sun-shine.... but all day sunshine !


Any hoo I am in a rush today, I know I looooove reading everyone else's beauty/nail blogs, and so I am aiming to add at least 3 posts a week, for your reading/viewing enjoyment. I am totally skipping all the doom and gloom of the world news, and just turning to this medium for all my internet reading.... Remember no matter how silly/insignificant you think your post may be, every idea shared = helps someone somewhere...

So Thanks again bloggers!







Mary said...

Your nails look fabulous and I love the white design. I've thought about getting one of those light bulbs, your pictures look great!

Lucy said...

This is really a dark color. It does look black except in the outside light. Gorgeous color. Love your manicure.

Velvet said...

Lovely photos! I love all the angles and lighting! The design adds an elegant touch to the black polish.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Thanks for the comments everyone....

Yep, this is as close to black in a purple polish as I have ever owned or seen..... Only in the song sunlight can you tell it is a purple.

caramel said...

Very nice, I love your blog

Unknown said...

I love this mani, great job! your pics look great! I know what you mean! i don't watch tv this is my reading and my entertainment!

Helen said...

I love that design - gorgeous

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

~ Mary ~ I do appreciate this lighting, it makes it easier to take photo's when it is freezing outside... which is often.

~ Velvet ~ This is a really pretty design, these nail stickers are fabulous.

~ Deez Nailz ~ My - what beautiful lime-green nailz you have.

~caramel ~ Thank you, this blogging is lots of fun!

~ Kitty ~ Thanks - I was worried these photos would not do this mani justice..... I am glad that they turned uot goood.

( I avoid t.v. but I do miss my decorating shows desperatly! )

~ Helen ~ This is a beautiful design. and I think I got the application under control now.