Monday, May 11, 2009

~♥~ Franken - 'Foil Mania' ~♥~

I totally snuck into that beauty supply store in my town that is professionals only ( hope no one gets in trouble.... ) they still have the China Glaze OMG collection... wow, those are friggen beautiful. I totally do not need any more nail polish, though.

  So here is my newest Franken 'Foil Mania'. My Billie 'Silver' foil polish, and my Rimmel 'Mania' polish fell in love and created this hypnotizing beauty.
I took a swatch of the China Glaze OMG DV8 today and this polish I made and am wearing is the same base color as that, the peacock-teal-blue-green..... WANT IT SOOOOO BAD!

This polish is pretty thick, and needs a little more 'Mania' in it to get to a richer teal color, but I will wait for the next time I wear it to tweak it up any more. I am wearing two thin coats and a thick shiny TC. This polish lasted for 4 days, and on the weekend I was a busy busy girl at a family function for 150, cleaning, doing dishes and washing my hands a million times..... I absolutely loved some of the watches of the 'Mermaid' type colors going around a few weeks ago, and that encouraged me further to make this franken. I had previously purchased a few extra ' Billie Silver" polishes, just for frankening..... I luv-luv-luv foil finishes. I like how when/if you do not use a Top Coat the polish fades and the silver flecks really shows up.... Sooooooo pretty!


~ Shade ~ 


~ In our truck~ 


= T.O.T.W =

These are the party Toez I purchased a few weeks ago. I am wearing the pink polish with cherry ones because all those rhinestones would just be covered up anyway :o(


 I usually use a foil or metallic polish on my toes because it lasts and lasts...... and lasts and lasts. I am sad it is so cold here, there has only been 3 days so far this year that I could comfortably wear sandals outside!


Below is my beloved Party Toez stash... I am sure that I will not be having any fake big toe shortages in the next 10 years! 



Unknown said...

This blue is so pretty! I love foil too!

Mary said...

All because 2 polishes fell in love...well, the result is beautiful! Pretty shade of blue and I love that it's foiled!

clockwork said...

Gorgeous foil, truly lovely shade.

Lucy said...

That is a gorgeous shade you made. Looks really pretty on you. I can't blame you for getting rid of those polishes. I hate putting on more than 2 coats of color. Why don't you save them for mixing with a pigment. Maybe they won't be so sheer.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Hey everybody_ thank you for your lovely comments, as always!

Lucy ~ I always hope to find half full/or full bottles at the thrift store that are SERIOUSLY UGLY or lumpy and yucky or just wrong colors.... so I can pour those out = then use those bottles for franken's.

The ones I give away are almost still full, but are pretty modern colors that maybe someone else can enjoy.

Kitty ~ these foils stay on forever! i used these all these colors on my toes for the lastfew months.... I picked up so many rad shades at the $1 store.

Mary ~ I was trying to copy polish you posted about recently, it was a shade similar to this but was a frost... I will have to go to your archives......

Clockwork ~ Thank you.... It is mesmerizing.... I wanted to call it mesmerizing mermaid.. as homage to the siren songs that sank ships in the sea in the olden days... but foil mania is less cerebral... actually siren song would be a nice name, too... hmmmmmmmmm....

Brooke said...

Party Toez - I just love that name!! Sounds like fun fun fun - huh!! :)

THe blue polish looks really nice too!

Tuli said...

I just LOVE your pictures !! It's so fun to look at them :-)
And this color is so pretty - good job !!