Thursday, May 14, 2009

~♥~ Maybelline - 'Violet Aluminum' ~♥~

So my bargain store I "found" recently had all these Maybelline polishes on for half price = = $1.00 each, and I had hoped that they would just sit there on display .... all lonely so that I could go pick one or two, ( or three) up once a week as a treat to myself, but when I popped in the store on Monday evening, they had them marked down for a dollar... So I had to buy a few, they are probably gonna sell out and I will have lost out of another source of cheap polish for cheap thrills. They get a shipment of cosmetics and such every now and then, so I will still pop in there... :o(
The three Maybelline Express Finish polishes I picked up are very lovely, This one I am modeling today, is 'Violet Aluminum'. I also grabbed a Matte one called "Matte Red', and a red-wine colored foil/metallic called 'Dee-Wine'.

Maybelline 'Violet Aluminum' was very thick, and will need a bit of thinner added to it. I have more lumps in my polish than a herd of camels and 3 coats of TC sorta smoothed it out, yet I can still see them.. But It is still very, very pretty. This is two coats of Violet Aluminum, along with two coats of a bargain-brand clear TC, and 1 coat of China Glaze 'Fast Forward' Top Coat, which dried super-duper fast. I went to the Big City ( = again - twice in one week! ), and stopped at Sally Beauty Supply and that was all I bought, just a clear TC..... I was sooooooooo sad walking out of there. I had hoped to pick up some Sally Girl mini's of yellow's, oranges deep-deep blue and possibly the CG Paper-chasing ( ? ) but only walked out of there with this. The lady said that Sally Beauty Supply is having problems at the Canadian Border getting product across... WTFudge is that about... Oh well, maybe next time.

~ Extreme Close-up ~

~ Outside - Shade ~

~ Shade with Flash !~

~ Outside - Shade ~

~Inside a sporting good store beside the canteens and Nalgene bottles~

~ Outside - Shade ~ ~L-R - Violet Aluminum, Red Matte, Dee-Wine ~

~ Outside - Shade ~
~L-R - Violet Aluminum, Red Matte, Dee-Wine ~




Mary said...

I adore those retired Maybelline shades that you find a bargain stores. Violet aluminum is pretty with the bit of silver in it, it looks like? The mattes are so great, they're very hard to find usually so that's a great haul!

Unknown said...

Very cool! I love this color and the other to are nice too! Matte Maybelline! I wish I could find one of those!

Robyn @ said...

I love the Violet Aluminum. I hope I can find one in a drug store near me. Cute toes!

Tuli said...

That is such a great color ! Love this shade of purple and its finish looks so beautiful ! That is so fun to find bargains like this :-)

clockwork said...

Like the look of Red Matte, Violet Aluminum is wicked pretty.

Lucy said...

Love the finish on those Maybelline. I'd love to see Matte Red swatched. Lucky girl finding them marked down. I love the Violet. Makes a nice toenail polish also.