Saturday, May 2, 2009

~♥~ Maybelline ' New Years Blues '~♥~

~ 2 Coats & Top Coat ~

Wow it's been a while since I added something to my blog.......Sorry! I know I absolutely love it when I turn my computer on and there is a few nail blogs to look at full of pretty swatches and such & new product reviews so; THANK YOU!!!!! Here is my contribution to the world!
I have been a busy, busy girl. There are several home repairs that I am currently working on, and I have accomplished alot so far. My hands are in a terrible state as I have used some harsh products and glues, which the glue is still stuck on me skin 4 days later! Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will be in a better state for my "hand-modeling"

Any-hoo, This is a beautiful Maybelline polish which I had hoped to re-wear and take photos of again, something about my photo's this time just isn't right.... I am so critical of my "work" { ha-ha} The sun has rarely been out, and when it has been latley I am in no shape for modeling. I found this polish at a store in town I have not been to for over 2 years, I was elated to find these polishes and some false nails and Party Toez, which you can read about in my previous post. Maybelline 'New Years Blues" is a stormy deep blue, with the tiny-est teal glitter..... sooooo pretttttty. It is an older polish that I scored for $2.00!!!!! It dried within 1 minute but was a little thick and probably needs some lacquer thinner. This is 2 coats with a clear TC.





In the next little while I hope to swatch polishes that are not all over the nail blogs or ones that can be found on on Goggle images, and so I am gonna put some effort into modeling & then blogging about polishes that have not seen swatched. Some that are sorta not popular or common, and polishes that so far I have not seen anywhere else, and that are possibly Canadian only.... { "Possibly Canadian" sounds kinda like a bad thing, but its not... }

I thought I was on top of what kind of polish companies and brands of polish, and make-up and -everything really- are out there, but I have found alot of companies and brands because other blogs have shown this stuff... swatches, product reviews etc. I have not and do not see myself taking the word of a magazine or Company or whatever in order to try something new..... I am going for personal reviews and testimony from now on { From ~YOU~ }........... and... end of rant!



Olivia C. said...

I'm really loving this color!! And, it looks great on you!!

Velvet said...

Hi! It's so good to hear from you! I'm liking this blue very much. Looking forward to the up coming swatches!

Mary said...

That is one great blue! You always find the prettiest colors to share with us. And I agree about getting my reviews and opinions from fellow bloggers as oppose to something I read in a magazine.

Unknown said...

I love this Blue!! super great!

clockwork said...

A foxy blue, this one really suits you :)

Lucy said...

Beautiful shade on you. Glad to read an update! I would love to see some different swatches. Sometimes there's too many of the same swatches. It would be nice to see other shades that aren't new and popular.

Anonymous said...

The colours looks GREAT! a wonderful deep blue.

Oh Deez...I'm sad. The place where I got my Billie...sold off their store! I mean there was no notice or anything. One week it was there, and the next...GONE! I know they only have like 10 colours max to choose from...but...sigh. I'm hoping that another Dollar store opens there, and that they will carry it as well, cause I have yet to come across it otherwise in the GTA/Ontario >_<

Now I really regret not buying another bottle of Billies Ruby (Nail08-2) when I had the chance! lol anyway I'm keeping my fingers crossede...maybe they will have awesome finds like you get in your store...thats if they continue being a dollar store :T

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

I cannot believe that I found these great "antique" polishes in my town... $2.00 each! yippee! I recently purchased two more... and will get on top of swatching those soon too!

Thank you so much everybody for the comments, I hope you guys all get your "antique" polishes out, too, and start swatching!

RasillA~ I sent a comment to you, I have never seen the Billie "Ruby" one ( 08-2). I think I have to harass that company to start marketing there product better, because I am very happy withthis polish - for a lower end bargain brand = they dry fast, don't smell too bad, and they are only .99 cents to boot, isn't that rad!

I have quite a collection now to do my frankening and that will keep me satisfied for the times where I -try- to be on a no buy. ( yeah right... 'no-buy' )

Helen said...

Hi Deez,

That is a really nice colour.

I like your idea of swatching some different colours. I'm not doing mine by collection at all, more by mood.

It's rare that I even buy a magazine these days - maybe for a flight or something. I get all my beauty news and reviews from everyone's blogs and its far better.