Tuesday, May 5, 2009

~♥~ Indulge Beauty 'Purple' ~♥~

~ 1st coats......1 coat of Indulge ' Purple ', RING finger, 1 coat of SH 'Radish' ~
~ Because of my crooked ring fingers, i always make a mess ~

Well, after going through all my pictures I realized that I have like 7 posts waiting to blog....... so I should get to it! Alot of the posts I have lined up I wanted to wait till I wore that polish again, and get better pictures, mostly in the sun where it is easier to see finishes and colors. When I have a gouge like this, I usually break out the glitter, or another polish to hide this. While I wanted to knock out all my 'weird' polishes in the next few weeks, I had planned to re-wear some of the ones where I did not get good pic's of..... but thats probably not gonna happen. I have at least 30 on my list of - Polish's to wear and blog about .

Another thing to mention, I love, love, looooove these super long nails! However I am always doing something crafty or around the house things that require a shorter nail, so they usually only stay this long for a day or two. Then chop-chop.

Here is another polish from my cute little mini's Indulge Beauty polish collection. None of these have their own name, they came in a little trio, this one is from the 'berry trio,' and I named it 'purple' a fitting name. This is a very pretty purple with blue shimmer. I was surprised with the quality of the brush on these polishes.

This is 3 coats, BUT I should have left it at 2 coats, because I totally gouged my middle finger, ( again with the middle finger.... geez! ) On my RING finger I have used Sally Hansen ' Radish ' which is a deep, deep, deep purple. Then 2 coats of the Indulge 'Purple' I have no idea why they would call this Sally Hansen polish 'Radish' if it is fierce deep purple? Weird. This Indulge polish is a very close dupe for Sally Hansen 'Diva', from the SH Teflon tuff line, ( I think it was teflon tuff. )






Oops, nope it was 'Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramics in ' Diva'


Mary said...

Your nails are looking lovely, so long! Love the purple polish.

clockwork said...

Gorgeous length, Radish is so pretty.

Lucy said...

Your nails look so pretty. Love the purples. I don't do anything craftybut I understand how nails get in the way. They looks beautiful but I don't know if I could function. I haven't had long nails in years.

Helen said...

I agree - your nails look fantastic. And I love that shade of purple.