Sunday, May 17, 2009

~♥~ Awesome Tip ~♥~

Wow, this worked really well for me!

So I totally tried
this and it works VERY well
. I applied Vaseline around my nails on to my cuticles with a small lipstick brush. After doing a hideous, sloppy polish job, I waited for my nails to dry, then while washing my hands I used a soft sponge to gently nudge and slough away the polish that was surrounding my nail bed. I was impressed I did not mange to get any Vaseline onto my nail bed!

EVERYONE has cool ideas and different perspectives....... if you are reading this, please get your functional, productive and helpful ideas out there in the world! I sorta thought about doing this before but never did. This is an simple easy thing to do, I am a little miffed that I spent all that $$$ on those little corrector pens and used Q-tips etc. and had cotton stuck to my beautiful polish jobs! DANG!


This will help in the future as I sometimes change my polish more than 4 times a week, all that drying acetone/ polish remover use is sure to catch up with me in the future. Vaseline is an excellent moisturizer. Most moisturizers... like 80% of whats on the market today, have petroleum derivatives .....look it up!

Every once in a while on a Sat./Sun. ..... If I am bored or if I think my hands and feets are a little neglected, I will use a heavy duty moisturizer on my feets, then Vaseline, then put on a pair of thin socks and then a pair of big/thick heavy socks and run around my house like this. Yep, it does feel gross, but it is good maintenance !!!! I am lucky my feets are in really god shape, but i still do this. I have never had any problems with dry- dry- DRY skin on my feet... EVER....


I still had to use another tiny make-up brush dipped in Nail Polish Remover on some area's surrounding my nail. But not anywhere near as much as I would have before. I imagine I will see a noticeable improvement in the near future. What an awesome tip!



Velvet said...

What a fab tip! I'll have to try that. I have some vaseline in the cabinet! Thanks for sharing.

Nicole said...

Oooer, I thought I read this here! Just posting about it now. I don't even think I HAVE a lip brush but I have some really teeny brushes I bought from Crown Brushes a while back, I bet they would work.

Lucy said...

Love Vaseline! In the winter I use it on my feet. I hate to sleep in socks so I just get into bed with my greasy feet. It does wash out of the sheets. It's much cheaper than anything else and works better.

Marisa said...

Thank you for your kind comment. you're so gentel. I loved your blog =) it have really nice ideas and photos =)
I usualy put vaseline in my cuticuls too and whait for a while.
After that i put my hand cream normaly.

Brooke said...

This was a pretty good idea! It gives me an idea to post on what I use to clean up my nails too! Thanks for the idea :)

Gel said...

Its more practical to do it at home.. I use Vaseline too its good also for dead skin.

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