Tuesday, May 5, 2009

~♥~ Indulge Beauty 'Pink' ~♥~


I have already done a skittles of these polishes in my early blogging days,{ HERE, and HERE} all those decades ago, but I am currently trying to wear polishes that I have not worn for a while, polishes that I do not see often on the blogs or Google images = and now when I find older "Antique' polishes, I hope to get those on my nails and then on my blog too... ASAP!


Here is the 'PINK' mini from my Indulge Beauty 'Berry Trio' polishes I found at Walmart in the wintertime. I have layered this over my antique polish Maybelline 'City Slick', and have just 2 coats of this pink polish on my MIDDLE finger. This is another bargain polish that was very good. It dries fast and has held up well. You may see if you enlarge my photos, I am not very delicate with my hands, I tend to be very busy and often walk into things with my arms a'swing'in......


Here is a link to the Indulge beauty website.....= INDULGE BEAUTY= I love bargains, and so I am always happy to see companies hocking cheap beauty products, that actually turn out to be a decent product. and of course if you are following me... I am obsessed with tiny teeny mini nail polish bottles.... mini -anything, I love travel sized containers of common products . here is the link for a rad company my BF turned me onto...... MINIMUS... check it out, it is super-cool!

Apparently I cannot link to other sites today... so here you go; copy & paste ?

Any-hoo, onto my photos, sorry no sunshine, but now that I have seen that this looks really, really pretty layered over a dark polish, I definitely will be sporting this one again soon.





I hope to wear all of these polishes and post these all on my blog soon, I am sorry I did not purchase all this company had to offer at the time I first spotted because  these polishes turned out to be pretty good with long lasting wear.


Brooke said...

Those little bottles look about the size of my free Essie I got the other day. Do you happen to have any clue about how many mani's you can get out of those little bottles?

Unknown said...

These look so cool. I've never heard of this brand before. I'll have to keep my eye out!

Velvet said...

I was looking last night through my stash of polish. Trying to find a brand that wasn't talked about a whole lot. I did one, but not sure if I like the photos I took of the polish. It's called A Perfect 10. The brand. Have you heard of it before? It's an inexpensive polish. Only about a dollar and half. Anyway...I'm sorry to ramble. This is very pretty on you. I do like how you post about polishes not talked about. We need some variety!

Mary said...

Those are not only cute, they're very pretty. Yet another brand I've not heard of! I love seeing all the different brands you have :)

Lucy said...

Very pretty colors. I adore how you color your middle finger differently. Very cool. I haven't heard of this brand either. Good that they are a nice brand.