Monday, May 11, 2009

~♥~ Billie 'Grape' - Scented polish ~♥~


 So with all the lovely blog posts out there with the Revlon scented polish, I had to get my 'super-bargain-polish' Billie scented polish on here. I forgot about these = I have a grape scented one and a blue-berry scented one which is a light, light Pearle blue (coming.......... eventually).

This is a lovely shade of lilac, 2 coats dries fast, and still smells after repeated hand washing..... These were taken a few weeks ago, I painted my nails while i was on the phone (with who ?) and I added a little glitter to my pinky, my 'Birthday' polish, which I will model in my next post.

The day I decided to use this polish, I as filling up a tiny travel atomizer with a grape scented body spay, and spilled most of it all over my floor. I was so enchanted with the lovely grape aroma in my home that I pulled out this lovely polish. I shop at another awesome $1 store store in my town which carries all these bargain Caboodle's cosmetics, and as I am always loosing lip-gloss, I would rather pay .50 cents for it, instead of $8.00 so I picked up a grape one... and some super-shiny glosses. I know they are like 10 years old, but the lip-gloss wands still taste like when I bought them a long a** time ago, and this grape lip-gloss is also very grape-eee.



memba these?

Below = Yes, these are some savage looooooooooong nails, they glow in the dark and I grabbed them for .50 cents! I am excited to get these on as I have been hoping to find some fake nails as long a this just for fun..... however I think i will wear them with the little stick on things they come with, so I can take them off when I actually need to use my hands.


And some glitter I picked up a month ago for frankening... its pretty goood, It keeps it's finish......not like my franken polish "Snow-Globe".



clockwork said...

Fun glow in the dark false nails, lengthy lol! I really like the color of this one, it's wicked pretty.

Lucy said...

I love this shade of lilac. Look gorgeous on you. Those Billie polishes are really something. How do they wear? I have had lipsticks that old and they were fine. I open a lipstick that's not even a year old and it was bad. Tasted awful. You never know which will last.