Sunday, May 31, 2009

♥ Maybelline - 'Shooting Stars' ♥


A quick post of Maybelline 'Shooting Stars' thumbs only....... before I get to a full mani with this, I had to try it out and see how well it will last and any application issues... etc. I have used 3 coats on a acrylic nail with no base or top coat, and other pic;s with a black polish also. I am on the fence whether or not this will look good without -my customary dark base to really show off the glittery-goodness.

I always dis-liked how bar glitter looked, Of the ones I have used I thought the pieces of glitter were too long and I did not like how it only ended up going in one direction. I also recall that the polishes that i have used with bar-glitter took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to dry, so I just didn't bother with them anymore. I don't remember seeing this Maybelline polish in the store when it came out. I hope that I can find more in the future...... Hmmmmm. Anyhoo---- here is a little sample of a pretty "Antique Polish ", that I found at a discount store in my town. The bar-glitter in it is more of a medium length of bar-glitter, = which is rad = and it dried very fast which meant that I could do alot of coats, but I had to do 3 and found that to be sufficient 'glitter coverage'. The first coat I polished my nails -side-to-side-, to get the bar glitter to be multi-directional, instead of just base to tips, then the 2nd and 3rd coat, I polishes normally, form base to tips. However, the polish did go in all directions on it's own ... so that was rad too!

1 Coat Black polish & 2 coats of Shooting Stars

I am very pleased that this polish has two distinct types of glitter in it, Can anyone recall if this came in more colors than just this? I imagine this polish is at least 8 years old, maybe older.... I have not seen it on other blogs or Goggle images yet. I love the pretty silver glitter and the blue bar-glitter together. 3 coats - no top coat, and I am eager to get this on my nails ASAP!


Nicole said...

Oh, that's HOT! I love it totally, but most especially over a black base. I have not seen these anywhere! I have been looking in my d/s for discounts, but haven't come across any of the goodies you've picked up, unfortunately. I keep hoping!

Nixxy said...

Oh, the black base is definitely the way to go! Awesome bling :D

Kae said...

Like it both over white and black, it's neat how it looks like a totally different polish depending on the base. It's like a party in a bottle!

Lucy said...

What an interesting polish with both looks. I've never seen this polish before. The bar glitter sort of reminded me of beard hairs left in the bathroom sink after my Dad finished shaving! I don't know which one I like better. They are both so different. Thank you so much for all the effort you make with your photos and polishing techniques.

Mary said...

Those are both very nice! I'm with you on generally displiking bar glitter, but yours looks finer in size so it looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Ooo I love this. I've noticed bloggers calling the long glitter bar glitter, but I've always called it confetti glitter because it looks like a party all the time :)

Velvet said...

I really like how you can have two distinct looks, from this polish. It doesn't even look like the same polish. When layered over black. Very interesting! As usual...lovely photos. As far as,bar glitter goes. I'm on the fence about it. I too,have never been a big fan of the bar glitter. But this is sooo pretty!! It makes me reconsider. My feelings on the subject.

clockwork said...

Oh wow, made of win with the black base!

elashaw said...

aaah so pretty! : )
i love glitters!! espically more now that i've discovered Sally Hansen nail polish remover professional strength! no more struggling to take my glitter polishes off :P I use to dread putting it on, just thinking of the removal process! Such sore thumbs i'd get! haha

kamyara kay said...

i really love glitter especially in silver <3 when i did my nails like this it was with bigger glitter particles so it looks quite different.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Whoa - this is the most comments I have ever got!

~ Nicole ~ I just stopped into a store in my town, that is literally on the edge of town, and the parking lot is always epty. I really never thought to go in there.... so you never know what is available where you live till you check it out.

~ Nixxy ~ The black base was a good call, i think it looks fabulous.

~ Kae~ I love that "Party in a bottle" It does look pretty both ways.

~ Lucy ~ I hope that I am doing a good job of getting different lighting and views of the polish's I post. Instead of looking on the internet of things that are dismal and sad, or things to SHOP for I am doing something productive... for the ages.

~ mary ~ I rarely see 'shorter' bar glitter like this, only th long ones.

~ Anonymous ~ It is like a party all the time.... I think confetti glitter is a better name for this type of polish with a multitude of different sized glitter.

~ velvet ~ I hope to achieve different looks with the polish I already own... that's part of the reason I got on the internet to look at different polish..... except, now I just want to buy more and more polish... so i am really not 'getting help'... What drove me nuts about he bar glitter was that when I painted my nails the glitter only went in one direction...

~ Clockwork ~ It is pretty cool. I could stare at this for hours.

~ Elashaw ~ Yep, getting the glitter-off- is always the hard part.

~ Kamyara kay make-up ~ I would love to find bigger silver glitter particles, so far no luck.