Thursday, January 14, 2010



The great Dollar Tree U.S.A. Maybelline Hauls of winter 2009, provoked some intense jealousy from me.... when I cooled down a little I realized that I had alot of beautiful older Maybelline polish's that I found right here in my town at Field's stores, which is a division of the Hudson's Bay Company and a 'small town' sister store to Zellers, a Canadian department store.

Below is the list of awesome 'Antique' Maybelline Express Finish polish's currently in my collection. I am staking out that awesome bargain store in my town store for the 'Denim' themed polish to show up. If they don't = that's cool because I am content with what I got ♥ However I wrote in a previous post how when I bought 'Red Comet' there was 2 Maybelline Express Finish polish's in 'Red Comet', and I did not buy them both.... THAT= I TOTALLY REGRET and hope I will come across one in the future or a modern brand and formula very similar, with the flecks or chips of glitter... not just square glitter in a jelly-ish base, like ChG Ruby Pumps.

Links links, everywhere links! Wherever the name of a polish appears, click it - and it will take you to the full manicure post. I will be doing posts like this for all my polish's and all my polish 'families'.....While I am not at 800 polish's yet, I really want to appreciate and honor what I have, and hopefully 'cure' or tone down my un-controllable desire to buy and own every single nail polish that I see.... I have been doing pretty good, so far.

The photo below is like one of those large company employee photos with a crane taken outdoors....... at  factories and other businesses that have like, 400+ plus employees.... My little army of Maybelline's♥


    Kat said...

    a half dozen of those look like colors that were at the Dollar Tree but labeled with a different name.

    Paige said...

    Fab haul!

    The Pretty Brown Girl said...

    Great haul! Maybelline polishes are pretty good. I have quite a few of my own. :)

    cathryn said...

    i have two dollar trees in my local vicinity and to be quite honest im almost always disappointed! i see tons of other blogs with GREAT hauls from the DT but ive never walked out with more than 5 polishes or 5 nail art colors. the one DT doesnt even have np @ all.

    love the colors though, espec. the yellow

    the-swatchaholic said...

    Wow! Fabulous haul! :)
    They look so pretty all together!

    Angie | said...

    i love maybelline :) great collection and beautiful pictures!

    Tabula Rasa said...

    mmm salivating over here... Great haul! I love how all the bottles fit sou nicely together!

    Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

    ♥ Kat - really? different names? hmmmm

    ♥ GildedAngel - Thanks!

    ♥ The Pretty Brown Girl - Thanks, these are great colors, they are a little on the thick side, though.

    ♥ cathryn - I think that most dollar trees get the same stuff..... I think that other people are on top of these older Maybelline's and buying them all!!!! If I had a dollar tree near me I would go there = alot, and chat up someone who works there for more information and when shipments of products come in.....

    ♥ the-swatchaholic - Thanks, I love these 'family photos' and am doing one for all my nail polish's.

    ♥ Angie - Thanks I am a happy girl finding these in-expensive older polish's.

    ♥ Tabula Rose - Thanks - it is neat how they all fit together & 'interlock' like this.