Sunday, November 8, 2009

♥ Maybelline - 'Toasted Host' Antique polish ♥

~ Maybelline Toasted Host 2 coats & 2 coast of Nailene T.C. ~

I am reluctant to admit that I have spent almost 45 minutes hunting around on the interwebz trying to find another photo of this polish, as well as a good description for it.  I would say it is an "antique metallic dingy taupe". I found this at a discount store in my town I remember this polish from when it came out.... it is a long discontinued color. It was very thick & I did have some brush marks. Other than that I think this is a great color but I would like it to be more on the shimmer/creme side rather than how appears to have a subtle frost to it. It dried quickly, but that didn't stop me from adding a few dents and scrapes ( dang it! ) ~  But I will be layering another pretty polish over this shortly.

~ Fluorescent Lighting ~ 

~ Early Morning Sun ~

~ Shade ~

 ~ Shade  ~


Paige said...

I like that color a lot!

Enamored Enamel said...

such a nice color on you! also I tagged you in the kreativ blogger tag

marinamake said...

Hello! You have a really nice blogg! I love this colour looks like a stone in the colour. (And the perfume is one of my favorites!)

Lucy said...

I like this polish. Very pretty shade on you. Your nails always look so perfect.