Friday, January 1, 2010

♥ Vacation Polishs - A loooooong post with 1 million photos ♥

~  Yep - that's it... I thought I would purchase more, too! ~

 #1 I got to see my family and hang out with people special to me......

So here is a looooong post of some great finds that i picked up during a visit to my family in Ontario, Canada. If you have visited my blog before you know I am in love with these super cheap Billie polish's that I find at my favorite store in my town, the .99 cent store ( of course ).

The very first 'bargain' type store I walked into had every single one of these polish's that this Billie brand makes..... every - single - one - that - this - company - makes!!!!!!

@ Dollar plus at Walker place 3530 Upper Middle Road in Burlington Ontario.

There is more photos from this store further on in this post. Alot of the little discount stores in Burlington, Ontario as well as Toronto & Hamilton had these super cheap & awesome polish's as well. From this store I only bought 3 black polish's as well as 1 black glitter polish. In my town, they only seem to order a few shades at a time which is fine, but I am totally jealous that there is a store 1 Provence over with all these goodies in stock! Dang!!!!

So spotting this was a real treat. If these polish's were readily available to me as they are for chicks in Ontario - I would be trading away for Pure Ice and Sinful in a heartbeat♥

Anyhoo - I have included the addresses of where I took all these photos and where I found the polish's - I also visited Sally Beauty supply and Cosmetics world on Young Street, Toronto - as well as a few smaller Nail salons who also distribute nail supply products - and still NO Nail Wheels for me.

I also have to add, that at Sally beauty Supply - Orly's are $8.49 CAD and  China Glaze were $6.49 CAD, they didn't have the WOO&A Collection yet, and Sally's only had 6 colors from the Glitters & Chromes collection. I was shocked at how expensive Orly has become, as well as Sally Beauty Supply's lack of recent collections of polish's, and some basic's like dotting tools & nail wheels.....

Okay - no more blabber- onto the photos with brief descriptions. I am extremely proud I didn't go nuts with my purchases, because I have sooooo many polish's already and soooo many neat nail art ideas to try out.

 ~ Without Flash ~

First up - a beautiful older Sally Hansen my Mom gave me, 'Iris Opal' I think it is older because I do not recall seeing this in stores recently. This is a gorgeous iridescent duo-chrome that look soooooo cool over black, a mani will definitely be coming up soon.

~ This stunner from my mom! sooooo pretty! ~

~ Sally Hansen 'Iris Opal'

 ~ Wooooooooooooooow~

 L- 2 coats of Black w 2 coats of Iris Opal = R - 2 coats of Iris Opal

- Toronto Nail Polish -

These 4 polish's I bought in Toronto - They smell.... interesting, but nothing too offensive. I though they all had really cool bottles, but wasn't so sure about the color pay-off. I am happy to say they are very pretty. The glitter is decent and the colors are rich and vibrant. I did a quickie swatch, 2 coats each with top coat.

 2 coats each

- Check out the Nubar looking polish's with Zebra!

 ~ Sooo many neat bottle shapes! ~

These nest two lovely polish's I found at 'Buck n More' 2400 Guelph Line in Burlington, Ontario. I have never heard of this bargain Brand before " Midie"; however they had some seriously pretty colors. I only picked two, a pretty coppery brown and a soft rose silver. I grabbed # 318 & # 374. They are a little on the sheer side, but the # 318 looks really nice layered over black. I thought I would have trouble with the applicator but its workable.




3rd, 4th & 5th =  "Midie # 318 2 coats", "Midie # 318" layered  2 coats & 2 coats of "Midie #374"

 Wow- I never thought I would spot these again,  I have had these on my blog before, "Indulge" mini polish's. I found these at "Dollar Ritch", located at 1505 Guelph Line in Burlington Ontario. { yep it's spelled like that = r-i-t-c-h}That was a rad dollar store. All the dollar stores I went to were awesome!,,, they had such neat and different products. Anyhoo- this place also had 'Billie' Cosmetics and a massive rack of polish,  = however they were charging $ 1.50 CAD! But I found a Billie Brand polish I had been hoping to find  'Midnight smoke' there, as well as these Indulge polish's mini's. They actually had quite an arsenal of Indulge mini's but when i went back to grab THEM ALL, someone else beat me to it, DANG!

Oh well, at least I found  'Midnight Smoke'. Below are some photos of the mani I wore for 9 WHOLE DAYS!!!!! Billie 'Rustic' & Maybelline 'Red Comet'. The Orange polish in this trio is totally messing up my camera!



 ~ Whew-that is bright!
~The last nail on the right is Billie Midnight Smoke layered over 2 coats of Black polish~

Some older Billies I found at Buck & More I think these are an older bottle because the writing  is black, these are cool colors and look good layered over black, but they need to either be much more sheer or more opaque....I actually asked the man working if I could take a photo and he said yes, which is nice, not like those crabby chicks at Sally's = I  found these at 'Buck n More' 2400 Guelph Line in Burlington, Ontario. 


~ a streaky swatch 1 coat ~ 




So this photo is from the first dollar store I walked into -They had like 10 of every color! Dollar plus at Walker place 3530 Upper Middle Road in Burlington Ontario. Wow- another coooool dollar store. Amidst this rainbow of color I only purchased 3 black polish's & a black glitter polish..... Seriously though - this is friggen rad - all these nail polish's were $1.00 CAD!!!!!! They pretty much had every single color this company makes...





 ~  I popped into the dollar store in my town when I got back and they also have these neat square 'jordache' brand of polish... anyone else out in blog land try this yet?

  Black polish's I purchased at Dollar Plus


The black glitter is from Dollar Plus & the 'Midnight Smoke' is from Dollar Ritch


Now if you live in these location's you are lucky & I am super jealous!


Alisa said...

I'm so jealous, totally drooling over that Billie display. I'm in Toronto so I'll have to keep an eye out for that brand, I've never seen it before.

The dollar store near me has the Midie brand on 2 for $1. I bought one of every colour. Good colour payoff and the glitters are AMAZING.

Paige said...

Great haul, wow!

ainos2 said...

I started following your blog because of Billie Polishes. I want them- I want them all!

Tiffany ツ said...

omg i need to go to this heavenly place lol!

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Awesome haul! I'd love to go to a store like that! I'd come out w/bags of polishes!

nihrida said...

I think my heart just stopped after seeing those photos. *drool*

Rozie said...

Hi there...
Happy New Year!
This post is such a HOOT!!!

I LOVE these zebra polishes and M polishes and the ones with the silver top that looks like it would flip open and the ones with the elongated gold/silver/red handle. They stink big but apply pretty well and are marvellous for frankening. The hilarious bit is: I live in Holland, Europe!!!!
Same container from China stopped by to fill up our Euro-shop :D(DT/Dollarkwik)
keep on bloggin' - I love yours!

Laura said...

Wow those are some awesome looking polishes!

I wish we had dollar stores here in France :( (though I guess they'd be called Euro stores ^^;)

Lucy said...

If I was at that dollar store I would pick up one of every color Billie polish. What a wonderful find. The polishes you bought look very interesting. I can't believe what restraint you showed!

PolishedPrude said...

Wow, that store is Lacquer HEAVEN! If only they had one here where I am. I really like the Midie polish polishes. Very nice colors.

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

I believe the Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection is getting to the end of its life at Sally already, as I picked up the very last bottles on display.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Alisa - Wow~ Midie polish's are 2 for $1.00 - thats awesome!

♥ Gildedangel - Thanks! I totally surprised myself in that I did not buy as much as I thought I would.

♥ Anois2 - I love inexpensive polish that is also decent quality....

♥ Tiffany - Ha-ha, I know I couldn't believe that they had like 6 of every color...... My favirote store in my town will only get like 4 or 5 of each color at a time... so I stalk stalk & stalk... now I have most of them.

♥ The Pretty Brown Girl - Thanks! I love stores like this!

♥ Nihrida - Thanks! I love seeing photos of stores and product displays on other peoples blogs....

♥ Aniploish- Neat ~ These are available in Holland! The 'M' polish's were really stinky - but they are very rich, pretty colors.

♥ Lau - Thanks! For a long time in Canada, our dollar stores were not that great, they only had more household items and some hair accessories, not like now where you can find nail polish and discontinued name brand make-up.....

♥ Lucy - Thanks! I was impressed with my restraint as well! I am jealous of the pure Ice & Brucci polish Americans have in their walmarts...

♥ Polished Prude - Thanks! I know !!!!! That was the evry first bargain/dollar store I went into = and BAM every single Billie polish !!!!! The 2 midie polish I bought are lovely and I am kicking myself I dint grab some of the more vibrant oranges & pinks!!!

♥ Halifax - i am on a 'bargain only' buy until mid April. There was one Atlantis left & it was open and had goop around the handle... so I left it. I plan on actually placing an order through an online beauty retailer in April-ish♥

Mason K. said...

Is the Dollar Plus called Dollar Plus Gift Store? or somthin like that? i really wanna drive over there and check it out!