Sunday, January 10, 2010

♥ Icing 'Grape-a-Liscious' ♥

Icing Grape-a-licious -  2 coats
2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat

I still cannot fathom why this polish would be called 'Grape-a-luscious'. It is a very pretty colow with nice glitter in it. I had a horrible time removing it though.....

I snagged this at the Icing store in my town for $2.00 CAD, these polish's are regularly $4.99 each and are often on sale for buy one get one half price. I am not a  fan of Icing and Claire's polish's, but they do have some gorgeous shades..... They seem to be very watery and require alot more coats than say, a Sally Hansen polish or a China Glaze polish.... So I generally shy away from purchasing them.

Anyhoo- here area few photos of a mani I recently did. All my photos are indoors under fluroescent lighting.

YEP - This is the Icing knock-off of China Glaze 'Flying Dragon'

Claire's & Icing stored usually do a 'knock off' of some of the major brands and finish's of polish. However their quality is not as good as the major brands (  like I wrote up there). So it's not really a bargain because you use twice as much.

 - after 2 coats of T.C. === still lotsa texture -

In the photos below you can still see a few remnants of the blue polish form my Toronto polish haul! That polish was insane!!!!!

 1st coat

 2nd coat

3 coats with Top Coat


Laura said...

Wow that is one glittery polish. Reminds me a bit of CG flying dragon - is it similar at all?

It does make your nails look gorgeous though ^^

Michèle said...

Wow! Very nice :-)

Paige said...

That color is really awesome!!!

PerryPie said...

Actually, I think I also like this polish over Flying Dragon.

Dani said...

Oooh, China Glaze knockoff. This looks gorgeous on your nails!

Unknown said...

wow, awesome glitter!!

elashaw said...

very very nice!! i'll have to look for that colour my next trip into the city :)

Unknown said...

WOW! That is an insane color purple!

Unknown said...

I had Flying Dragon. It was matte with precious little sparkle - a HUGE disappointment that I got rid of. This looks good but 2 coats of TC and still lumpy? Forget it!

nihrida said...

WooooooW! Do I need it? I have ChG Flying Dragon...

Charis said...

Wow, that one is a really pretty purple...the only turndown is the removal, yikes...but then again, the removal issue is the downside of almost all the glitter polishes out there

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Lau - Thanks - I love the base color of this - I totally could have used at least 1 more coat of Top Coat.

♥ Michèle - Thanks!

♥ gildedangel - Thanks I love this base color - it's such a sharp vibrant purple.

♥ PerryPie - Thanks - I think 'Flying Dragon' was a bit darker than this.

♥ Danica - Thanks - Claire's and Icing stores do eventually have a 'knock-off' for the more popular polish's and finishes out there. I do find their formula's to be a bit watery and need multiple coats, so a good quick dry top coat is an asset when using these brands of polish.

♥ Brooke - This is an awesome glitter, I totally thought that the glitter would not show through the base color when I first spied this polish at the Icing store in my town in springtime.

♥ elashaw - Thanks - it is a pretty one.

♥ Thess - Thanks - it is really vibrant and bright. I think that an outdoor phot in sunshine and shade would have been a better way to show off this brightness.

♥ Ja - Thanks - ChG 'Flying Dragon' was a matte? hmmmmmm.... I know what you mean about that lumpiness.. I totally could have used another coat of T.C. but I was forward thinking about difficult taking this off would be!

♥ Nihrida - Thanks - If taking of ChG 'Flying Dragon' was easy to do - I would skip this one. Because the removal was a pain in the bunzzzzzz. It is very pretty though

♥ Charis - Thanks - it is a great purple. Yep that removal scared me from doing a pedicure with this polish. I will likely wear this again when I am ready to take off my fake nails, and there is some sunshine for some outdoor pics.