Saturday, January 16, 2010

♥ Tip wear disguise ♥

Sally Hansen 'Soft Satin' layered over NYC 'Chinatown' with some metallic sponged tipz

So after wearing this NYC polish for a few days, I needed to disguise the tip wear I had. I did not use Top Coat with this NYC polish 'China Town', and so I ended up with alot of tip wear. I applied 2 coats of an awesome older polish; Sally Hansen 'Soft Satin' that I found at a discount store in my town. When it was dry, I sponged on Billie 'Plutonium Plum' a medium purple foil polish to the tips of my nails, and over the edge as well. (I use a regular kitchen sponge for my sponging), I think that when I sponge on foil  or metallic polish's it sorta looks like glitter... or something flashy.....Without the insane removal afterward.

Below is a photo of the NYC polish 'China Town' The formula on these was fabulous, it really does dry fast, maybe not in one minute..... but it dries fast, there is a nice range of color's & finish's and the price is great. I bought mine at my local grocery store for $ 2.29 CAD, but these can be found at walmarts in North America ( website )

I think this was a great way to disguise tip wear, and prolong a manicure for a few more days. I had run out of cotton balls & remover, so I had to wait until the next day for stores to open. Check out the cutest tiny teeny cotton balls I found at my favirote store in my town ( the .99 cent store)

 2 coats of Sally Hansen 'Soft Satin'


How I did this;
  • 3 coats of NYC 'China Town' ( this is a 2 coater polish - I was careless & sloopy so I needed 3
  • 2 coats of Sally Hansen 'Soft Satin'
  • wait for the 'layered' polish to dry♥
  • Using a regular kitchen sponge, I sponged on Billie Plutonium Plum, an awesome purple foil
  • When I was sure everything was dry I used 2 coats of Billie Top Coat. These Billie foil polish's are easily transferred to the brush of my top coats... maybe I don;t let them dry enough but I always pick up color with my top coat, so now when I use these Billie Metallic & Foil Polish's I use a top coat that I have especially reserved for this type of polish. ( I have one for my pigment frankens as well ) If you look closely you can see on my INDEX & THUMB where the foil polish is all over my nail, not just on the tips. OOPS!

NYC 'China Town', Sally Hansen 'Soft Satin', Billie 'Plutonium Plum' & Billie T.C.

 Check out that tip wear!!!! I have been a busy girl♥



These teeny cotton ballz are like 1/3 of the size of regular cotton ballz. There sooo cute!


Paige said...

What a clever idea, I love it!

moodpuppet said...

Beautiful! It really does look like glitter!

Heather said...

I'm going to try this ;] Good idea!

Romika said...

Well thats nice!! I love it....the color and the sponged tips look awesome. And its indeed a great idea to disguise the tipwear.

nihrida said...

Great disguise! =)

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea! I get tip wear almost a day after painting my nails so might have to try this

Charis said...

great idea!

Amabile said...

"Plutonium Plum" :-D Oh my how I love funny named polishes!

Great layering!

Laura said...

Argh that's so clever! It looks awesome too ;)

1xellus1 said...

awesome idea! great results! love thr tiny cotton balls! best thing is you get 300! awesome for me b/c my tween girls are killing my cotton ball supply. in US, cotton balls are on sale @ rite aid for $1 this week. HTH

Michèle said...

gorgeous as always <3

la trousse a tichou said...

wonderful wonderful

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ GildedAngel - Thanks! it is a great way to prolong a manicure before taking it all off.

♥ moodpuppet - Thanks! sometimes I just don;t want to deal with the hassle of glitter.

♥ Heather - Cooooool! I have learned about so many thing and tried out different techniques that I would never have thought of in a million years! so I am happy to hear that I have an idea someone else will use.

♥ Romika - Thanks! I loev this polish and think it looks great, too!

♥ Nihrida- Thanks! I really did hide all that wear & tear!

♥ Kelly - Thanks! If you want to try something new - when you paint your nails, you should first apply a thin coat to the edge of tyour nail and jsut under the tips of your nisl, before your first coat of polish. when you have applied the required coats of your nail polish , Use a top coat beneath your nail as well as the edge of your nail, then apply top coat to the surface of your nail.... ( hopefully ) smoothing out any bumps at the very tips of your nail..... tnhis will prolong your manicure an dhelps to prevent tip wear♥

♥ Charis - Thanks! this was fun to do!

♥ Amabile - Thanks - it is an awesome name...... or should I say It's a "rad" name.

♥ Lau - thanks I needed to disguise my tip wear for another day and this was easy and fun to do.

♥ 1xellus1 - Thanks - I used to go through alot of cotton balls before I started doing the tin foil thing... I will be looking into felt for my nail polish removal in the near future.

♥ Michèle - Thanks! this did turn out looking very pretty....

♥ diamants-d'ébènes - Thanks!