Thursday, January 14, 2010

♥ West Village - funky french & Nailene nail stickers ♥

So I added some clear nail polish to the awesome Sally Hansen polish my mom gave me, 'Iris Opal', This is 2 coats over NYC 'West Village'. It has become a much better consistency, but I still have some brush marks from the very thin bristles of this polish. I also added a few Nailene nail stickers, just for fun. I have found that this type of pink messes with my camera and distorts the color of everything in the photos. These intense pinks &  oranges do this most of the time.

I wanted to be sure that I got a photo of these cool pink snowflakes.
not my best design, but these are soooo neat!

Anyhoo - before I removed this awesome NYC polish, I had to do a few experiments. On it's own, this polish is very, very shiny. But I did leave one nail without top coat to judge the tip wear and the amount of time it took for the polish to dull. I had one nail on my right hand with no top coat and the tip wear was significant, and it took approx 2 1/2 days for the shine to be noticeably different.

For these photos of my left hand, there is 7 layers of various polish on my tips and it was still thoroughly dry after 1/2 hour... even with all those layers. The stickers held on wonderfully and there was no problems or weirdness with adding top coat over stickers with this polish.

I am happy to report that these 2 polish's NYC 'West Village' & 'Chinatown' turned out great! I have all the other desirable colors on my 'to-buy-eventually-list', these two polish's were very opaque & pigmented and will create beautiful frankens in the future♥



 Tip Guides & Nail Stickers

With Sally Hansen 'Iris Opal'

 - Apply Tip Guides -

 - 2 coats of Sally Hansen 'Iris Opal'




Delainie said...

I like that idea - looks good!

Steffie said...

Very pretty

Heather said...

The tips are so cute! I really want nail guides once my nails are long enough to need them... trying to stop biting :(

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ gildedAngel -Thanks!

♥ Delaynee - Thanks!

♥ Steffie - Thanks!

♥ Heather - Thanks! I used to be a nail biter, too.