Tuesday, January 5, 2010

7 Random Facts

tagged by Anna @ The Nail Nerd, 7 random things, eh? Well.......

  •  I looooove reading everyone's blog, M/U & Nail Polish related
  •  I am 100% in love with cheap bargain nail polish & get 'high' when I find a cool bargain polish
  •  I am totally shocked at how I am restraining my nail polish purchases lately - It will pass I'm sure
  •  I am extremely proud of some of the frankens I have come up with
  •  I lurk on MUA hoping to find a bottle photo of an old S.H. polish I am looking for
  •  I am just starting art ideas that I saw months and months ago
  •  Have waaaaaay more nail polish than I thought

Pretty boring, I know = Sorry♥


femputer said...

Hi! Just curious, what SH polish are you looking for? A while back my $Tree had a metric crapton of old SHs, and I swear I bought one of every color. Total regret now, I haven't used half of them. Anyway, probably a long shot, but maybe I have it? Or have seen it, at least.

1xellus1 said...

Not @ all boring. Sounds a lot like me. LOL

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Eyeliner Klutz - I do not rememebr the name of the polish! ( DANG ) I am looking for a Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in a creme finish that is a lite pastel teal-ish color. Alot like all the colors that were popular this summer such as Chg 'For Audrey' etc. There is like 30 polish out there in this color family, but what I want is the actual bottle of Hard as Nails. for sentimental value.... I'll find it one day.... I know I will

♥ 1xellus1 - I am happy to have a peaceful, boring life, I do like to add fun stuff to my blog though.