Wednesday, January 20, 2010

♥ Wet n' Wild Frankens ♥


 Wet n' Wild 'Bijou Blue' and Wet n' Wild 'Caribbean Frost' franken-ed up with some Billie 'French White'.

 - 2 coats each RING finger has 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong T.C. -

I haven't named these yet I think I added a little too much white to these, as I was hoping for a bit more color to show up. These both turned into gorgeous pastels, and although I love these two Wet n' Wild colors, I had a hankering to whip up some frankens. I could not get the colors to show up properly in the photos of my nails.....I am gonna need to get some outdoor sunshine photos. I had hoped to wrangle up some White Wn'W polish but there has not been any in my town recently, so I used Billie brand instead.

 Both of these franken polish's were 1/2 of the Wet n' Wild polish and approx 1/2 of the Billie polish.  So half & half. Viola! This Billie polish totally removed any visible shimmer from these Wn'W polish's and the formula ended up being a lovely, easy to apply creme. I had some clear Sally Hansen polish that I poured into some empty Top Coat bottles.... and used these now empty bottles for my frankens. I am extremly happy with how these turned out.

Since I tend to do frankens in batches I have like, 5 more awesome green and minty frankens coming up.... stay tuned...... also as soon as those new Wet n' Wild collections ends up on Canadian Soil, I hope someone tells me ASAP!!!!!

frankens on the end; Wn'W polish's used, and Billie 'French White' in the middle.

with China Glaze 'For Audrey'



my two newest Frankens


Made from Wn'W 'Caribbean Frost' 

Made from Wn'W 'Caribbean Frost'


Made from Wn'W 'Caribbean Frost'

Made from Wn'W 'Caribbean Frost' 

Made from Wn'W 'Caribbean Frost'{ holding ChG 'For Audrey'}

Made From Wn'W 'Bijou Blue'

Made From Wn'W 'Bijou Blue'


Made From Wn'W 'Bijou Blue'

Made From Wn'W 'Bijou Blue' { holding ChG 'For Audrey' }

Made From Wn'W 'Bijou Blue'


Paige said...

That blue looks gorgeous!

Tabula Rasa said...

These pastels are perfect for spring :) Do you have the up and away collex to compare?

KONADomania said...

Gorgeous<3 so spring-like indeed

Angie | said...

very nice mixes!

Arie said...

So pretty!
You have been tagged in my blog ;)

cathryn said...

reminds me of a warm spring day! siiigh i cant wait for winter to go buhbye

PrincessDiana said...

This color is gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

I love these! Great job, I bought some WnW White to make pastels with but I have no bottles argh! Can't wait to see what you do next!

cheap r4 ds said...

I am in love with each color! But my favorite shade in the collection would have to be this one(Bijou Blue)- is bright and luxurious! Plus, its my favorite color.