Friday, December 18, 2009

♥ NP Challenge #4 ♥

I am doing a little 'nail polish challenge' just for fun,  to see how many looks I can come up with using only 2 nail polish colors, along with base coat & top coat. I plan on doing some easy nail art, and polish techniques which are simple and require very little 'tools', like french tip guides, mailing labels, sponging etc....

The colors I am using are Billie 'French White' & Wet n' Wild 'Sapphire Blue', along with a clear nail polish & Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat.

I think for dots, like on my ring finger you really do need a dotting tool. While I  haven't had a desire to have dots on my nails, I thought I should give it a try. My thumb has soooo many bubbles! The polish was drying too fast while I was working with it, and so I had to keep adding clear nail polish to keep the polish's blend able. I did manage to create a milky smoke look on my ring finger, it's still a little to opaque, but it does look like wafting smoke.

I am not as happy with this nail art- I usually have a hard time with nail art on my dominant hand. But, practice makes perfect. These are concept nails, so I did not put alot of love into cleaning up, excess polish around my cuticles etc.


 - This was supposed to be a 'day-to-night' look, but I started off with 2 coats of Billie 'French White' instead of applying two thick coats of polish to each side of my nail. That's why I think it turned out so.... so..... bubbly. Next time I will not use a base color, as I am pretty sure that is why this turned out like this.

- 2 coats of  'Sapphire Blue', let dry
- apply a thick coat of clear polish , then immediately add dots to nail, followed my another dot to the inside
- using a slow drying clear polish would probably be best for this. Plus my dots are too big.

- 2 coats of White Polish - let dry
- apply a cat fo clear polish
- Immediately apply random dots of blue polish and swirl with a toothpick

- I didn't want the colors to blend too much, so I made sure to not do too much mixing of the colors. This dried way, way too fast- so there are a few areas which were not swirled as much as they could be.

- 2 coats of Blue
- A thick coat of clear polish
- apply small dots of white polish randomly over nail
- immediately swirl with a non-sharp object to avoid picking up too much of the 1st layer of color.

I ended up using an old brush to 'smoosh' the white & clear polish over the blue base. There is a few areas that I should have gone over and fixed up. I wanted to have a better fade of the white towards the tip of my nail - but this is only my first try - so I have some practicing to do. I am very happy with this and will likely try this again with other colors ( flames & more smoke like colors).

- White polish swiped across tip of nail on the diagonal
- blue polish to fill in remaining area on the nail bed nail be
- Using a tooth pick, I dragged and pulled the colors into each other

Again, the polish dried too fast, and so I had a lot of 'polish strings' and gloppy-ness.... It's so wrong for me to write "My polish dried too fast". But in this instance, for these types of nail art, I will try to use slower drying polish. I had hoped that the diagonal would be more evident, too.

 ~ Okay; there not that bad ~


Paige said...

I love these!

Sara said...

Very cool!!! I love it.....

I have one blog too.....;)

Steffie said...

So pretty. They have something Van Gogh about them. Keep it up. Very very pretty.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Gildedangel - Thanks!

♥ Sara - Thanks!

♥ Steffie - Thanks! I am having lots of fun with these swirl designs....

Yasinisi said...

I am really impressed with your nail art.. You have a great blog. Will be visiting you looking for inspiration :)