Thursday, December 3, 2009

~ Nailene 'So Natural' wrap up ~

I will definitely buy these again, even though I am shying away form french mani's and leaning towards vibrant polish's lately, I will have a few of these in my false nail arsenal for the future. I think that these have a thicker than average layer of clear whatever to protect the image on the nail. They have held up exceptionally well

Here are a few examples;

♥ I stabbed myself pretty good on the thumb nail with a hand sewing needle, and it did scrape through the image, but did not do as much damage as I would imagine it should have.

♥ I also cut into my thumb nail and Index nail with a sharp chopping knife making diner one night, and I took a huge chunk of my nail off { Day 6 }.... however there was no further chipping or splitting for the rest of the trial period. Impressive! I did file and buff these 'wounds' after the 10th day.

♥ While putting up a wallpaper border, I ran my nails along our textured ceiling several times with minimal wear to the surface of the nails.

♥ I did paint my nails a pretty color immediatly after taking these photos and removed that polish with a non-acetone nail polish remover, and the nail bed was STILL SHINY! The french tip image was untouched and abundant shine.

♥ 2 nails have popped off from digging through Christmas decorations, but 8 these false nails have stayed on my nails for 12 whole days = the glue is the same as usual... hmmmmmm. I think because these false nails are a manageable length and not my usual 'Trophy wife' length.

I wore these nails for 12 days, and I have done {as always} a lot of activities and daily household things which are damaging to all types polish finish's. I am happy that they have held up so well. My only complaints are that during this Nailene 'So Natural' Trial I discovered the Nail Boards at Make-up Alley and have been drooling over a million photos of beautiful polish's and ..nail polish hauls...TORTURE!

As soon as I finished photographing these, I painted over them.... like immediately! Another thing to note- during this trial we had some beautiful sunny weather, perfect for taking photos outside = and I couldn't! Dang! I had a few N.O.T.W's and skittles in my 'To Post' folder, so that kept me satisfied.

I think that whatever material Nailene has used for clear top coat over these french false nails is a very durable and strong. Whenever they hit the stores I will pick up a box, they come in two shades so far....

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