Friday, December 25, 2009

♥ More skittles....Sorry? ♥

NOTE: this is an older post I never got around to posting.

I wanted to torture myself a little more trying to take photo of Rimmel 'Glam Goth' as well as do some layering with the sheer -but very pretty- Wet n' Wild 'Bijou Blue' & 'Caribbean Frost'. 'Bijou Blue' did end up looking good layered over N.Y.C. 'S.T.D.' - but 'Caribbean Frost' was still streaky.

They are both really pretty colors, very inexpensive and easy to find. I plan of 'fixing them up' in the future. Not sure exactly how to do that, but I imagine it will be lots of fun♥

~ Flash ~

 ~ Fluorescent Lighting ~


THUMB - Wn'W 'Sapphire Blue' & INDEX - N.Y.C.  'S.T.D.' 2 coats each w T.C.

THUMB - Sapphire Blue 2 coats w/ TC

~ NYC 'Skin Tight Denim' 2 coats w/ T.C. ~

~ Below ~

This polish 'Caribbean Frost' was surprising in that it was still very sheer and a little streaky when applied over NYC Skin Tight Denim. I am hoping I can do a little tweaking with this polish.... not sure what I will do yet.

LEFT- Wn'W Caribbean Frost 3 coats & 2 coats of T.C.
RIGHT -2 coats of NYC STD & 3 coats of  Wn'W Caribbean Frost 2 coats of T.C.

~ Below ~
Bijou Blue did end up a little more darker when layered over NYC Skin Tight Denim. It is very pretty on it's own, but I like my polish's to have alot of strength and opacity to them.

LEFT- Wn'W  'Bijou  Blue' - 4 coats w/ T.C
RIGHT -  2 coats of NYC STD & 3 coats of  Wn'W  'Bijou  Blue'

~ Rimmel 'Glam Goth'  2 coats w/ TC~


NYC 'Skin Tight Denim' & Rimmel ' Glam Goth'

  ~ Fluorescent Lighting ~


Gejba said...

Skin Tight Denim looks perfect.

Lucy said...

These are all beautiful blues. Love them all on you.

polishedPrude said...

All of these blues are so pretty. I honestly wouldn't know which one s to choose.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Gejba - Thanks! I looooove that polish.

♥ Lucy - Thanks! I love all these polish too. They are all in-expensive and easily accessible ( except The N.Y.C. polish)

♥ PolishsedPrude - Thanks! - There all inexpensive too!