Sunday, December 6, 2009

♥ Maybelline 'Red Comet' ( layered ) ♥

~ Maybelline 'Red Comet' = 1 coat - Layered over 2 coats of Wn'W 'Royal Red' ~
~ 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat ~

I had intended to add a lot of extra glitter to this mani - so I only used 1 coat of Maybelline 'Red Comet' over a beautiful Wet n' Wild mini polish - 'Royal Red' and so the streaky-ness of the jelly finish of 'Red Comet' is evident in my indoor photos, but outside = WOW-O-WOW.... I love the golden twinkling this polish has, it is sooooo pretty. The last time I wore this polish was in early summer..... and I have forgotten about how lovely it is. I think this looks it's best layered over a black polish, though.

I have seen several bloggers,  {HERE, HERE and HERE - cool!!!!} as well as MUA-er's wearing this polish and was inspired to do a mani with it. I was happy to see Amarena do a side by side of ChG Ruby Pumps with Avon Ruby Slipper . Anyone out there with a comparison to all three?  I want all three eventually even if they are very similar - they are all absolutely gorgeous!!

After I saw how beautiful 'Red Comet' was outside with the sun bouncing off these amazing glitter-bits  I decided to only glitter-up my ring fingers. So I added another coat of 'Red Comet' and T.C. to the rest of my nails to get rid of the streaky-ness (not pictured... sorry! )

A skittles of 'Red Comet' layered over other various bases is in the works......eventually. ♥

 I have included some photos of the last time I wore this polish = using 1 coat of an opaque black polish followed by 2 coats of Red Comet, as well as just 'Red Comet' on it's own. I am not sure if this is discontinued  ( ? ) however, China Glaze 'Ruby Pumps' and Avon 'Ruby Slippers' are readily available and are just as lovely.

On another note- I think that China Glaze 'Ruby Pumps' is the only Nail polish I have found so far with 6 pages of Google images search results. Ruby Pumps is certainly a well loved polish.

~ wow - the glittery-ness of this polish something else. ~

~ 1 coat of opaque black polish & 2 coats of Red Comet = Ring is just 2 coats of 'Red Comet' ~

~ On my RING fingers I did a Glitterpocalypse ~

~ The glitters I used for my rig square, holographic hex, & fine red glitter ~
= randomly placed glitter then topped with 1 coat of 'Red Comet' then T.C. =

~ Glitterpocalypse ~

~ Glitterpocalypse ~

~ Indoor Fluorescent ~

~ Indoor Fluorescent ~

~ Yup - that is snow on the right there...... at least it's sunny out! = sigh ~

 ~ 2 coats of Wet & Wild 'Royal Red' ~

~ 1 coat black & 2 coats Red Comet =  ring is just 2 coats Red Comet ~

 I think that this polish 'Red Comet' look it's best over  a black base..... Actually, I think that most glitters look their best over dark bases......


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Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

jaljen said...

Keep those glitterpocalypses coming. You are amazing! I love the fact that you don't use a load of high-end polishes. Just shows what careful selection of cheaper brands can achieve! You are an inspiration...Did I say I loved your work? ;o)