Tuesday, December 15, 2009

♥ Naturistics 'Super Chrome' Skittles ♥

Naturistics 'Super Chrome' Skittles = 3 coats each w/ 1 coat of T.C.

NOTE: this is an older post I never got around to posting. I will be working on my newest nail project and some other crafty things & around the house stuff so I am posting all the posts waiting to be posted.....

I got lucky at another bargain store I frequent in my town. All chrome or mirror type polish really need a nail surface that is free of any scratches, dents or other imperfections - because every little flaw is visible when using these types of polish's.  The brand "Naturistic's" is a long discontinued cosmetic line. There is a few beautiful polish's that are eagerly coveted and HTF. I actually had Naturistics 'Crystal Blue Pearl' a long, long time ago and gave it away.

I am not sure of the age of these polish's, I do vaguely remember seeing these on the shelf at SDM more than 10 yrs. ago. My only gripe is the silver opaque bottle = WHY????. This may have turned out in my favor, because when I saw these at the store, I thought that they were just silver polish's, which is why I think they ended up at a bargain store. After purchasing the 2 pinks and purple, I went back to have another look and found the gorgeous blue one; 'Blue Spark' I had totally overlooked it my first visit. This particular store always places their price tags over the name of the color of polish... always! So I have to get down and gently peel off the sticker so I can read what the colors are = DANG!

I have done full manicures with these Naturistics 'Super Chrome' polish's. I have not done a manicure with the Sally Hansen Chrome 'Anemone Diamond'. These polish's are very vibrant and do have a mirror like finish to them. They dry fast and are still easy to work with = even though they are an older polish All my nails are 3 coats of polish, Followed by 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. My nails were in a bad state during this swatching, but the color is true and is a good example of how these 'mirror' finish polish's are very unforgiving and show every little flaw.



THUMB -  Naturistics Super Chrome - 'Gun Metal'
INDEX -  Naturistics Super Chrome - 'Blue Spark'
MIDDLE - Sally Hansen - 'Anemone Diamond'
RING -  Naturistics Super Chrome - 'Ruby Reflection'
PINKY - Naturistics Super Chrome - 'Deep Violet'

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jaljen said...

They are lovely. I love the way you don't do wall-to-wall expensive polishes. You show how you can have beautiful nails without having to spend a fortune. Thank you as ever.

Paige said...

Those colors are gorgeous!

Lucy said...

An amazing find. Bad enough you have Billie polish! Now your finding these amazing polishes. Totally lucky you are and unlucky for me!

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Jaljen - Thanks - I actually prefer to show cheap, cheap polish on my blog, I can afford $18.00 dollar polish, because I don't buy $18.00 dollar polish. Plus bargain hunting is soooo much fun♥

♥ Gilded Angel - Thanks these are very pretty!

♥ Danica - Thanks - I love finding bargains. The middle nail Sally Hansen polish is very pretty.

♥ Lucy - Thanks - I know-

Luna said...

you do realize these polishes are on sale / discontinued because they contain three of the most toxic ingredients to be found in cosmetics right? from formaldehyde to DHP.. i would stay away