Thursday, December 3, 2009

♥ Extreme Wear Polish Skittles ♥

 ~ Sally Hansen Extreme Skittles ~

I wasn't really interested in the new Sally Hansen Extreme Wear polish's when they first came out. I like my brush handles to be long and thinner, not stumpy like these are, and I am stubborn and did not want to learn to master the pro-wide brush. They certainly have some awesome colors and I figured I would pick some of the glitters up eventually. I did end up finding 'Flirt' on sale in a bargain bin for $ 1.14 CAD, so I figured I should give it  a try..... WOW - HERE is my post on 'Flirt' if you are interested, this Sally Hansen Extreme Wear - 'Flirt' polish lasted on my toes for 14 days, with very little wear and tare. And I was not wearing a top coat.....That is impressive!

Any hoo- I figured that if I ended up back in the same shop where I purchased flirt, and they still had a basket filled with these girly colors on clearance I would pick them all up. For $1.14 - why not? They are all 'safe pink girlie' colors - but I would still wear them - with the exception of 'Cotton Candy' and 'Pink Confetti' - the glitter payoff is not as I anticipated in 'Pink Confetti' and 'Cotton Candy' is really, really sheer... It would probably take 5 coats to get to the bottle color.

I have done a previous post HERE of this haul, but I wanted to do a skittles of these to see what they look really like.  With the exception of  'Hot Magenta' which has to be a polish from another planet or have some sort of radioactive material in it, these were all 3 coats. No Top Coat.
THUMB -  Cotton Candy = 4 coats!!!!
INDEX -  Iced Coffee = 2 coats
MIDDLE - Strawberry Icing = 3 coats
RING - Hot Magenta = 2 coats
PINKY - Pink Confetti = 3 coats

'Hot Magenta' on my ring finger, was totally throwing my camera off....All the photos I took in the sunshine and with flash seem off to me. But all the photos I took indoors and in the shade turned out just fine..... Almost like when I am photographing neon or fluorescent polish's = weird!

~ Shade ~ 

~ Indoors Fluorescent Lighting ~

 ~ Indoors Fluorescent Lighting ~

 ~ Indoors Fluorescent Lighting ~

 ~ Indoors Fluorescent Lighting ~

 ~ Indoors Fluorescent Lighting ~

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Lucy said...

Love your skittles. Nice find.