Saturday, December 12, 2009

Heads Up Canadian Frankeners.......

I found these at Dollarama in Canada-  This is an excellent price for these smaller bottles which are great for frankening. I have not bought these, but the brush on the polish's I did buy are alright- a little stiff but workable. I purchased mine in Grand Forks in summertime, but have not gotten around to doing anything with them (shameful, I know). I will likely pour out the contents of these polish's when I decide to some frankens. I have included a quickie swatch at the end of this post, so you know what to expect.

I am waiting until after X-mas to snap these up, I hope these are going in lots of peoples stockings this year! They are a sheer shimmery polish, a little on the stinkier side - with a pretty finish and colors.  I have found one of them to have been opened in my little NP storage area, and has thickened into an unusable goo.

See all that complaining and whining about not being able to find mini bottles to franken with totally paid off!!!!!! 1 more week!

 ~ I did'nt buy any ..... this week.... but next week I likely will...... ~

~ $ 2.00 ? ~

~ Shade ~

~ Shade ~

~ this one polish became very gooey ~

~ Shade ~

~ Sunshine ~


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PerryPie said...

Oooh, I gotta keep my eye out when I'm at my local dollarama.