Saturday, December 5, 2009

T.O.T.M-W. - Love My Nails 'Pretty in Pink' & ' Sally Hansen 'Daiquiri'

Oh my gosh - These glitters are not coming off my toes.... I have used regular nail polish remover, as well as acetone... I have to literally file the little hex glitters off! I know better too - I would never do a heavy duty glitter polish on my real nails.... it is a huge P.I.T.A. to take it off! The Sally Hansen 'Daiquiri' came off no problem, but some of the glitters are still there! DANG!

Anyhoo- this is Sally Hansen - 'Daiquiri' with Love My Nails -  'Pretty in Pink'  I enjoyed wearing this polish and love the pink holographic glitter = But next time I wear glitter on my toes I will be using false toe nails!!!!!

I have found that Love My Nails polish's have  a different scent to them then most other nail polish's. I very rarely see any blog posts with love my nails polish's, I wish I took a photo at the Walmart in Grand Forks U.S.A., because there were alot of beautiful shades and finish's... all for $1.00 USD.

Love My Nails are part of the same company as Pure Ice, another walmart U.S.A. brand with gorgeous inexpensive shades.Bari Cosmetic's, have some really beautiful nail polish products. It says on their website
that there are 50 shades of Pure Ice.... I though there was way more.... hmmmmm.

All my photos are indoors in Fluorescent lighting at Deez Nailz Photos Studio #2




Paige said...

That is a very cute combinatation!

ainos2 said...

When removing hex glitter, I soak my nail-bed with remover to soften everything up then use an orangewood stick to scrape the suckers off.

grace said...

that reminds me a lot of ChG dollhouse! i like it!

Lucy said...

Love the pedicure. Pretty shade of polish. I used a new China Glaze polish with all the hexagon glitters on my nails. I used 2 heavy coats. It took me 3 and 1/2 hours to take it off. I'll never do heavy coats of that again. I still love glitter.

chocaddict said...

very pretty :)
I'm more likely to wear glitter on my toes than on my fingers bbecause of the mess it does when you try to take it off

1xellus1 said...

Very festive! Pretty girl! I like it!