Sunday, December 13, 2009

♥ Nail Polish Challenge ♥

1 = BASE   2 coats of Billie 'French White' - a stark white creme
2 = Apply Nailene Perfect Tips & Toes Guides
3 = 2 coats of Wet n' Wild 'Sapphire Blue' 2 coats -  a shimmery deep Sapphire blue ( my top 5 )
4 = Let polish DRY before removing stickers ( 5 - 10 )
5 = Using a fine buffer, gently buff any raised areas, fix-up any mistakes or sparse areas & buff
6 = WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 = Apply top coat, Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat

NOTE: I totally could have used another coat of T.C., but these are CONCEPT NAILS.... I am redoing these ASAP

I totally did not wait for my polish to dry after doing a few touch ups..... and I got some polish bleeding when I applied top coat.... These are concept nails, and so I do not plan to wear this many different patterns in public anyways, but Dang! I do like to do different things on each nail, but I do not think I could stand having all my nails such different random patterns for much longer than this.  My favirote is the curved swirl on my RING finger, for that I used Nailene Perfect Tips & Toes Guides... the toe guide, I actually like this curve much more then the regular curved french tip guides available. It ends up being a much deeper curve than the regular French Tip Guides available.

 ~ Deez-Nailz Polish Challenge = just for funz ~

One of my MINI goals for my Christmas time vacation is to do as many different looks with only 2 colors of polish.... just for fun = a polish challenge. I have already come up with 30 +plus different looks that I can do with just 2 colors of polish, with French tip guides, sponging, marbling, swirling, using craft scissors but only using 2 different colors of polish, as well as Top Coat & Base Coat and Clear.

 No glitter, or other embellishments, and using things that are readily available, around the house objects...... like a sponge ( for sponging ) supplies for marbling, craft scissors and nail tip guides..... For some simple easy nail art. The colors I picked are Billie 'French White' & Wet n' Wild 'Sapphire Blue'. So far I think that these colors were a good choice.

Because I will be sewing alot of my vacation, of course cooking, baking, and cleaning, I have cut my trophy wife nails down on my right hand -  This looks really funny, but it's practical for right now. I will definitely be posting my nail polish challenge looks on my right hand.... I really want to practice and perfect my dominant hand nail art.... practice makes perfect.

Anyhoo- here is the first 5 looks I have come up wit, all using Nailene Perfect Tips & Toes ( #66358 ), and Billie French White & Wn'W 'Sapphire Blue'. This is simple, easy, and not as messy as my other looks coming up ( ♥ ). Just apply the strips or curved french tip guides, and paint! As long as you nails are clean, dry and free of any moisturizer, these will work just fine. One thing that I often do not follow myself, is waiting for my polish to dry thoroughly, and so I often end up with the subtle bleeding of the polish with nail art like this (bad girl).

  Because there is a  severe frostbite warning over most of Canada { -40 C }, I will definitely not be posting any sunshine pics for a few more days..... so all my photos are indoors under fluorescent lighting


~ Nailene Perfect Tips & Toes Guides, Billie 'French White' & Wn'W 'Sapphire Blue' ~

~ Billie 'French White' & Wn'W 'Sapphire Blue' ~

 ~ Nailene Perfect Tips & Toes Guides~

~ My seldom seen RIGHT hand ( I cut my nails down for some crafty things I have to do )~

~ 2 coats of Billie 'French White' ~

~ Apply Nailene Perfect Tips and Toes Guides ~

~ Apply 2 coats of Wn'W Sapphire Blue' polish....  let dry~

~ Remove guides, buff any raised areas & fill in sparse areas if needed -~
 ~ Apply 2 coats of Top Coat. Sometimes i am able to maneuver my polish brush so that the actual brush bristles do not touch my nail like in this instance where there is a chance of the polish's bleeding, I managed to do a good job with this technique on my RING finger.... But I am used to just applying my Top Coat without having to worry about issues like this..... practice, practice, practice


 ~ INDEX ~

 ~ MIDDLE  - It's true that horizontal stipes visually widen objects ~

 ~ RING ~ MY FAV ~

 ~ OINKY ~





Polish Hoarder said...

The ring finger design is my favorite too, but they all look great! I love the blue and white together. What a fun challenge you have committed yourself to!

april brooks said...

Fun, fun!

Unknown said...

What a fun challenge!!! and I love how you showed the how-tos... it's taking a lot of will power to keep me from running off and trying to recreate a few of your fun designs! Thanks so much for sharing - I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Paige said...

Those designs are so cute, I love the concept of your challenge!

Unknown said...

These are all inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

1xellus1 said...

Lovely, dunno why, but reminds me of the movie...a clockwork orange! GORG! Thanks for sharing!

Shaima812 said...

Its so lovely and well done
love the mix of colour

ThRiSzHa said...

wow!!! this is great!!! thans for sharing this idea..really rock!!

chocaddict said...

fun challenge!
I like your thumb best for now but I'm really looking forward to seeing more designs :)
Ah the frostbite warnings...makes me all nostalgic of my Canadian life (no really, I am).

Le Cocon de Voune said...

A very good inspiration!! Well done :-)

Unknown said...

This looks so cool! I love it!