Thursday, December 10, 2009

♥ China Glaze 'Spontaneous' & Sally Hansn 'Strawberry Icing' Layering ♥

~ China Glaze 'Spontaneous' 2 coats & 2 coats of Nailene T.C. ~

This was the very first China Glaze polish I picked out to buy ~ I really, really wanted this. I do not use the few China Glaze Polish's I own enough, and I really should. China Glaze is a superior polish, and is less expensive then several drug store Sally Hansen polish's...  WHICH IS SOOOOOO WRONG - I am a little cheesed off that a quality salon polish like China glaze is $3 to $4 CAD cheaper than Sally Hansen Insta Dries/ Diamond Strength or Milani's....NOT COOL! Sally Hansen Diamond Strength is $8.99 CAD in my town WTF is that!!!!!!!!! $8.99?

Anyways....One thing that very rarely gets mentioned about nail polish is their ease of removal I have found that all my China Glaze polish are easily removable, and do not require as much effort as some other polish's need. I jazzed this up with a subtle shimmer polish, Sally Hansen 'Strawberry Icing', a very pretty Extreme Wear that I found on clearance ( woo-hoo )

How is the color of China Glaze coming across, does the color look realistic? I am messing around ( ....still ) with lighting etc..... I hope that people come away with ideas and inspiration from reading my blog & will forgive shades that don't look right ♥

~ Shade  ~

~ Indoor Fluorescent Lighting ~ 

~ Indoor Fluorescent Lighting ~ 

Below; with 1 coat of Sally Hansen 'Strawberry Icing' layered

~ Shade with Flash ~

~ Shade  ~ 

~ Sun ~

 ~ Indoor Fluorescent Lighting ~


Paige said...

That is a gorgeous purple, I love it with the subtle shimmer too!

kelsealaurel said...

Oooo I love it! both with and without the glitter! So cute. Thanks for the swatches!

Unknown said...

I love it with AND without the glitter! Beautiful! and I totally agree with you - China Glaze is soo easy to remove, and to apply!

Miss80Million said...

I'm in Canada too but I rarely find China Glaze polishes... and never that cheap either!

Where do you get yours from?
I've been meaning to try some from this brand.

Love your blog!

jaljen said...

I love the Spontaneous but, for once, I don't see any advantage to the layering. It almost looks scratched or badly mattified or something. Your nails and pix are wonderful as ever but give me the simple CG any time. OPI Grape Fit may be a bit like it - maybe creamier/paler.
One of the beauties of the CG is the gloss but you lose that with the Strawberry so I'm out. Sorry :o(

styrch said...

You know, I think you may have just created Zoya Zara - Zara or Malia - which ever one is the purple with the shimmer. I get them confused. :)

Danielle87 said...

I love that china glaze by itself but both of these colors look really pretty together.

Arie said...

OMG ,I think this was my first CG too!!
It's a basic, sooo pretty!!!!
I also don't leave comments sometimes, but I try to read all blogs I have in my list ^_^