Tuesday, September 14, 2010


L to R - San Francisco, Whats Your Name, Show Me The Way, Daddy's Girl, All About You

L to R - I Loev You, See You Soon, Call You Later, Rise And Shine, Mint Apple

So this is going to be my quick reference for all the Sinful polish's I currently own I am very slowly doing this for all my polish's. I will place it at the sidebar under neath my Canada Flag and Google translator. This is mostly for me, becuase I have a tonne of stuff on my blog and find it much easier to find posts/photos and what I wrote when I posted about it.

Overall I think this polish is fabulous, the formula and wear is normal, but mostly they have FABULOUS  colours and finishes..... there was a well-stocked display at the Walgreen store I visited in the USA, so I managed to get all the ones I lusted after. I purchased these for $1.50 USD each and they often go on sale for .99 cents ( Sally Hansen better step up their game, becuase I think that I would purchase and use 90% of the entire stock of Sinful Colors polish's)

 I am soooooooo sad to read that these are available in Canada at $5.99 CAD each. (ChG is $6.99 CAD, just for reference ) I think it would be more economical to order them online at Cherry Culture and pay the shippable. Other than that I am very happy with these polish's, even the sheer 'boring' shades have a serious WOW factor when layered over darker opaque colors

Above each set of photos is a link to the post with more photos and ramblings on each polish.

2 coats over SH Amber Chrome

4 thin coats

2 coats with TC

2 coats layered over Sinful San Fransisco

 3 coats no TC

2 coats layered over NYC China Town ( a rich opaque purple )

2 easy to apply and fast drying coats - dries matte and needs 2 coats of TC

Candy Apple

...... more to come


KarenD said...

Nice selection! I'm wondering why I don't have Rise & Shine when I have so very many minty shades.

amusedPolish said...

daddy's girl is one of my fave :o

do you have nail junkie? it's a great color to layer :)

LadyLuck said...

My SinfulColor collection is still growing non stop D:

nikita said...

Sinful Colors is on sale at Walgreens this week for 99 cents again! I bought 3 of the colors you have: Rise and Shine, Mint Apple and What's your name!


ooh, I love "show me the way", and "rise and shine"...! though I won;t be buying them at the canadian price you mentioned...I'll wait to find them next time I'm in the US.

1xellus1 said...

WOW! love the reference guide. It obviously took a great deal of work. Thank you so much for sharing. :O)

Nail Polish Obsession said...

Rise and shine is so pretty wonder why I don't have that one since I love greens/mints.

Please add my blog to your blog roll.

ABOP Laquerlove said...

All About You over San Francisco is amazing! I grabbed a few more Sinfuls today, but I need to get to more wearing and less spending!

Lucy said...

I have every one of those Sinful Polishes. They are gorgeous shades. Especially the greens. They come out with the polishes that are trendy at such a good price. If I could resist the more expensive polishes I'd just buy these.

Ms. Joy said...

I Love Sinful Nail Colors. I have not seen the Gold Glitter color yet or maybe I have not been looking but I love how it looks on top of the Green