Thursday, September 2, 2010

♥ NYC Love Letters vs. Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis♥

SORRY! the above and below photos are not the greatest but they do show of the multi-chrome finish of these two polishs; NYC Love Letters 1 coat, and Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis, which is 1 coat on my RING nail. Both of these polish sare layered over 2 coats of Sinful Colors What's Your Name. I though it would be neat to do a comparison of these two shades.  Obviously, the Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis has a strong multi-chrome finish, while it is the flecks in the NYC Love Letters that have the multi-chrome effect.

Strong Sunshine kind of diminishes the ability of my camera to pick up duo-chrome and multi-chrome finishs, so I find that photos in the shade or under cloudy skies capture the beauty of these types of polish the best. I am shocked that I have not seen this polish on American blogs more often; it is sooooo pretty and so in-expensive. It applied lovely and dried super duper fast....

Yippee gifs! I cannot figure out how to make the photos the same size..... ( Thanks You Skulda ) I have a new photo editor since I had to update everything on my computer and I miss my old phot editing stuff badly. It was so easy to use and with this new one everything is different and driving me nuts! But here are some gif's anyway.... {I tried.}

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and a million more photos... When I first purchased Pure Ice polish's Busted and Oh Baby... I layered them over EVERYTHING! I had to push them to the back of my stash becuase I would literally top every single day old mani with them. Now this polish.... this fabulous .93 cent bargain brand is my new go to layering polish.... it is soooooo pretty! 

Tomorrow I will be layering this over a dark green polish, and in the near future I will  possibly do a skittles with some of the Pure Ice polish with these multi-chromatic flecks in them, such as Rio, Oh Baby Busted and a few others. While there are many shades in this humble  NYC polish - it is the purple, pink and blue that show up well in all my photos, the turquoise/green shade is very evident in indoor lighting, but I cannot get any good photos of it.

I totally promise that I will stop posting about NYC Love Letters tomorrow, after I layer it over any random  dark green polish I have - Seriously♥

NYC Love Letters 1 coat layered over Sinful Colours See You Soon
RING Nial is Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis 1 coat layered over  Sinful Colours See You Soon

 it's beeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuttttttttttttttiiiiiiifffffuuuuuuullllll



The Phalanges Friend said...

Omg, Garnet Lapis is so pretty!!

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

You have me out there looking for Love Letters!

I love these types of looks...YUMMY!

Love Letters said...

The color could have been something else, the dark color was very hard to look at.

Lucy said...

Beautiful! I have some of those Sally Hansen's. Got them at the Dollar Store. I'll have to definitely try this.

Saori said...

This SH is very amazing, love it !!!

Unknown said...

Yes it is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!