Monday, September 27, 2010

.....One More Try = Icing Alice in Wonderland Knock off set

 Icing Un-named red, 2 coats with Art Deco Striping polish in Black, and two coats of Icing un-named multi-colored glitter, and a coat of Nailene Top Coat. Surprisingly, this was not too tough to take off....... both Icing polish's are from the knock-off Alice in Wonderland LE set I picked up a few months ago.

==OOPS!  I forgot to write that I got this idea from The Lacquer Files, her Glitter Puke mani Here

 ♥ mini-rant
 Whew - I like new things and innovation... but when things change and I am not notified beforehand... whew! I am not happy! I parked my bunz in front of the computer yesterday for some marathon posting and I could not get Blogger to work for me..... but I'm back with less whining and ready to contribute to the world!

 That LA COLORS Art Deco striping polish is pretty rad.... I wish I had the skillz to do some fabulous manis with it right now.... but here is my first try with it. Baby steps, right?

Here is a close-up of the multi-colored glitter, medium blue, silver, gold pink and red


Indoor Fluorescent

 This Icing LE set came out quite a while ago, I may have seen someone model one of the glitters but so far I don't think I have seen much from this Icing LE Set. I bought this a few months ago ( on sale, or course ) and I guess this is supposed to be the Icing knock-off of the Alice In Wonderland Collection by OPI.  The two reds a really pretty, and those glitters- Peeee-uuuuuuuu, I have never smelt an Icing glitter like that before. The glitters did dry fast, though.

Of Course they are not named......Where are you Icing LE Polish name-rs? (Gabrielle & gang of TEOS)

L - R

Blue Glitter -  medium blue & silver glitter
Bright Red Creme - a bright almost fluorescent Red Creme
White -  a stark white creme
Multi-Glitter - medium blue, pink, red, gold and silver glitter
Red Shimmer - a lovely shimmery red

Products used for this mani.... 

This red was very fluorescent like does NOT show up orange IRL, it's just bright.
Here it is at 2 coats, with no Top Coat...... These are my real, natural nails

 I am thoroughly impressed with these LA Colors  Art Deco nail stripe polish's, the black is very pigmented and dried very fast. I think my brush is a little too thick -or- I just need more practice.

So, what I did here was apply the stripe approx. 3/4 down my nail bed.........
 Then filled in the area between that with shorter stripes......

 and filled in the area with even shorter stripes.....

LA Colors  Art Deco in Black

..this kinda looks like a city-scape.....

With the glitter - two 'coats', but more like blobs.....

In the sun!

indoor fluorescent 


Unknown said...

I like this look i think im going to copy it using green and black!

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~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

LOVING this look!

Lois said...

this is beautiful! really creative :)

Michelle said...

It looks awesome! I wanted to make a new one with tutorial tomorrow haha! :-D

I love the red and black together, looks really good!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

oh, gonna have to use this for blue and gold....WVU Mountaineer colors!


LadyLuck said...

Yay for natural nails :) Your nails looks really pretty and i like that mani, good job :)

RAE said...

This is my hands down favorite!! It'd be great for Halloween, but I'd wear it any day. :D *must hit up Icing!*

Danielle said...

awesome. How does the multi-glitter polish compare to mad as a hatter?

Unknown said...

amazing !!

Anonymous said...

That's a HOT design! Loves it!!

Lucy said...

Love your manicure. Does look like a city scape. Also flames which would be good for Halloween.

Unknown said...

really good design..i really love glitter nails
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