Monday, September 6, 2010

♥ check it out I'm famous! plus Billie Majestic & new E.L.F. polish ♥

4 thin coats 1 coat of Nailene Top Coat

 How funny that I was going to make sure that I got all the names right in this Billie 'Princess Shimmers Collection' that I check out their site and they did end up using my photos! = Cool! I really hope to model and share with the interwebz all the best of easily accessible, in-expensive and most importantly quality products that I use and love.

I'm just a girl from a small farm town in Canada and only have access to certain things, so I am calling out people to model those fabulous inexpensive polish's that are readily available in North america, like Love My Nails and Pure Ice.

This Billie Polish is part of a collection called Princess shimmers. I have Royal, Regal and Majestic. You can always check out my PAGE/POST of all the Billie polish's I have.

Billie Majestic, is a lovely shimmery mauve with a subtle metallic flash. Since there is no sunshine, I could not get a great photo of that golden flash. This polish has been in my 'to wear soon' basket for months, and I keep passing on it in favor of more bright notice me shades..... But this weekend I wanted something a little more subtle for my mani.  

Below is a trio of ELF products that are 'new', has anyone else spotted these in stores? Also can someone come up with a name for this Icing LE 5 set of Mini's.... I hate how they don't have names. I think I should send a memo to the folks at Icing Head Quarters about naming these darling mini polish's.♥

Billie Majestic - Indoor Flourescent


What is this Icing LE collection called? has anyone out there named it?

 I found these at a small department store in my town called Giant Tiger, they seem to get a small display of these ELF products every fall. They had the same one I bought last year ( HERE) but instead of a frosty white in the trio, they ha a frosty champagne colour along with Royal Purple and Dark Navy.

Did you know that ELF sells polish with normal rounded caps, instead of these square abomination of polish caps like on these polish's? I was perusing around on the ELF website and found these..... Has anyone purchased these... its a pretty good deal, actually. I have never seen them in stores or modeled anywhere on the interwebz.... These are $6.00 and are buy 1 get one 1/2 off right now..... as is everything on the ELF website

Here is what I picked up, The polish on the left; Twinkle, ( insert glitter shade description) is a dense glitter. The center polish, Golden Goddess is a pretty holographic hexagon with small gold glitter, the last polish, Cranberry is a red jelly with tiny metallic flecks. Very pretty shades, not bad for $4.00 CAD. I did not spot this set on their website, thought Cranberry is on there it is SOLD OUT! along with all the other hot/now shades.....

Golden Goddess



.......... and a few more photos of Billie Majestic

Indoor Fluorescent
Indoor Fluorescent

Outdoors under gloomy cloudy skies


Lois said...

Wow, I love those glitter polishes!

Anonymous said...

The gold ELF is gorgeous!

ABOP Laquerlove said...

I have that Icing set (and three others) as well, and yes, it irks me that they didn't have the decency to name them!

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

Can I just have all of them??!!
Twinkle...I love IT!!!

I tagged you, girlie, for an award!!

1xellus1 said...

Luuh-ve the icing & the elf! sweet haul! thanks so much for sharing!

LadyLuck said...

I want those elf :o

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Lucy said...

Never have used the Icing or Elf polishes. Icing always has some nice shades. Like those glitters. That's wonderful about your nails being on the Billie website. Do they offer these for sale? I remember all the beautiful shades you've posted.

shortwidenails said...

can you please swatch the gold?
it's almost a dupe of medallion china glaze I think