Wednesday, September 22, 2010

♥ LA Colors Nuclear Energy with Love My Nails Diva ♥

 LA Color Nuclear Energy 4 thin coats - no TC

Although this is very sheer, I think it was worth the 4 coats. This is an extremely bright florescent purple, the outdoor sunshine photos are accurate, while all my indoor photos are not so great. After wearing Nuclear Energy for the afternoon, I wanted to do a diagonal mani with Love My Nails Chrome Envy.... but that did not work out...... I love the colour of Love My Nails Chrome Envy, but I cannot make it work ( ......yet -  I'm gonna keep trying! )

So I covered that up with 3 thin coats of Love My Nails Diva - a fabulous magenta and blue mini bar glitter. Love my Nails has some very pretty shades and finishes, they are inexpensive, too. They are found at some Walmart stores in the USA.

Sun - This is a beautiful shade... $1.00 USD at the Dollar tree in the USA

Indoor flo

I applied Nailene STRAIGHT french tip guides diagonally across my nails......
Snipped off the excess and applied 1 coat of Love my Nails Chrome in Envy.... didn't look too good -

So I covered that up with 3 thin coats of Love My Nails Diva

Removed the french tip guides and applied 2 thick coats of Nailene TC

BUT _ I really didn't like how it looked and removed it very shortly after I took these photos. I fudged up my pinky nail, and just wasn't digging this look. I love this bar glitter though= it is bright magenta with sparse metallic blue bar glitter, and it is smaller than most regular bar glitter.

Is this photo crooked? Like the actual photo?

 Indoor fluorescent with Top Coat


Leticia said...

I bought a bottle from this brand, and was not impressed. I didn't like having to do so many coats to get the desired color.

Cosmetics Aficionado

~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

I agree with Leticia...but you gotta admit that color is gorgeous! I'll tolerate the multi-coats for a color like that!

Anonymous said...

I remember how thin this polish was.. super sheer on the nails. I actually think I did 5 coats which is insane

Hook Prism Power said...

These are pretty purples.

ABOP Laquerlove said...

I bought Diva as well because the bar glitter was tiny. I've only swatched it over a deep purpple/maroon vampy creme - one coat looks fab over that. Maybe this would have been better at one coat?
Nuclear Energy looks amazing on you. Still haven't worn mine - story of my life!

Lucy said...

This is a gorgeous purple. Love a good, cheap polish. Love the bar glitter. Fantastic manicure to me.

KarenD said...

Diva is such a fun polish, but I agree with you, it didn't seem to quite work here. I appreciate you showing it to us anyway. :)

Zara said...

Love My Nails does have a lot of fun glitters - I remember one of the first nail polishes I bought was a LMN with teal and purple heart-shaped glitter. :)

Supersparklekitty said...

Diva is very pretty. I love what you did with it! It almost looks like a flakie!