Friday, September 10, 2010

♥ LA Colors Static Electricity ♥

LA Colors Static Electricity - 3 coats with 1 coat of Nailene TC

WOW This is bright - I found this at the Dollar Tree in the USA, but  I think that you can buy these online somewhere as well. This really is a bright vibrant blue. The first coat was really sheer, but by the third it was opaque. I had to quickly glue my Middle nail back on and there is some gooey flake-ey glue around my cuticle, no time to fix it up!

Further in this post are a quick ELF glitter Skittles.........

Have a Great Weekend!



...... and some ELF bottle shots and a quick skittles

Twinkle & Golden Goddess

These were really gooey and goop-ey, I figured they would be. But Top Coat smoothed it all out. I do like the Twinkle polish, with the small iridescent glitter. I have 3 or 4 gold holographic hex glitter polish's already, still pretty though. here are some not so fabulous indoor photos.

2 Coats each, No Top Coat

With TC


Unknown said...

nice color !!!

Lucy said...

This is a gorgeous shade. I got quite a few of this brand at the Dollar Store also. Glad this is such a pretty shade.

Antonea said...

I've never seen those Elf topcoats. Are they in stores? I'd love to try them!

Love that Blue!

Lois said...

Nice color! And I loooove those ELF topcoats, I really need them <3